Thursday 21st October 2021

A bit of a mish-mash of weather over the next week or so, though not much rain around – and becoming warmer again next week.

Thanks to Julie for the photograph. That’s my annual sunrise photograph quota done 😉

Mostly clear skies tonight, too much of a breeze for a frost (maybe except the most very rural spots), down to around 4’C.

Friday sees high pressure nudging in from the south-west.

A sunny but chilly start, some cloud will bubble up from around mid/late morning, though there will still be sunny spells. A 20% chance of catching a non-heavy shower. 12’C in a light breeze. Reasonably clear skies overnight, some fog patches forming by dawn but hit and miss, and down to around 3’C. A touch of frost in more sheltered spots.

Saturday starts chilly, fog in some places but that will lift quickly, sunny in other places. The morning looks mostly fine with some sunshine, albeit hazy at times. From around lunchtime there it will become pretty cloudy, perhaps a spot of light rain, but also the odd glimpse of sunshine. 13’C in a south-westerly breeze. Cloudy and breezy overnight as a weakening weather front tries to push in, down to around 8’C.

Sunday stays mostly cloudy as the aforementioned weather front continues its slow and painful crawl east. The cloud should break up at times to give a bit of sunshine, though eventually by late afternoon/evening there will be a bit of patchy rain, perhaps briefly heavy. Feeling milder in a southerly breeze, 14’C. Becoming clear overnight as the weather front pushes east, 10’C.

Monday sees sunny spells, fair weather cloudy and a scattering of showers, which could be quite heavy – around a 50% chance of catching one or two. 15’C in a south-westerly breeze. Clear skies overnight, down to around 8’C, breezy.

Tuesday likely starts quite bright with some hazy sunshine. Cloud tending to thicken as the day goes on and the wind will pick up. Feeling a bit warmer, 16’C ish. Probably staying dry but perhaps a little light rain later. Cloudy and very mild overnight, the odd spot of light rain possible, 15’C.

Things becoming more uncertain by Wednesday, but weather fronts should be to our north and the question will be whether it is mostly cloudy or if there can be some sunshine. The warmer air making itself felt and temperatures should be around 18’C.

For Thursday, I am more hopeful for sunshine and we will still be in the warmer air, around 17’C.

Friday and into next weekend is uncertain. There is a fair chance that the warmer and sunny conditions hang on – but also a fair chance that we end up stuck under a slow-moving weather front with quite a lot of rain.

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