Thursday 19th November 2020

Still a bit of a mish-mash ahead, some milder weather, some cooler weather, some sunshine, some cloud and a bit of rain. Nothing very exciting.

Thanks to Louise for the photograph.

Tonight will be a chilly night, a frost in more sheltered spots, though high cloud meaning many escaping a frost. Down to around 2’C.

Friday sees high pressure close to the south, low pressure towards Iceland. Nothing unusual.

It starts bright, but cloud will thicken with outbreaks of rain spreading across from the west later in the morning. It is a weakening weather front, so the rain will be patchy and light/moderate – clearing fully by early evening. 9’C and breezy. Cloudy overnight, 9’C and breezy.

Saturday looks mostly cloudy but dry. Some occasional bits of sunshine, but not much. Milder, 12’C and breezy. Cloudy overnight, some occasional light rain from a weak weather front, down to around 9’C.

Sunday starts fairly cloudy, but the cloud will be thinner than the last couple of days to allow for some hazy sunshine at times. Perhaps increasing sunshine amounts by the end of the afternoon. A bit cooler, 10’C. Overnight is probably chilly with clear spells and down to around 3’C – but there is a small chance of an area of rain instead.

Monday is a bit uncertain – we should still be under the influence of the high pressure close to our south, but weather fronts to the north may bring a weak weather front close by. Generally probably cloudy and around 11’C.

Tuesday should again be quite cloudy, but bright with some limited sunny spells. Likely on the mild side at around 12’C.

Things are pretty uncertain from Wednesday onwards. I still think the most likely outcome is that high pressure builds over the UK or at least close to – bringing more dry weather, frost possible, fog probable – sunshine amounts uncertain, temperatures generally around average.

The lesser likely outcome would see a spell of cooler, showery weather spread down from the north-west for a few days – then probably followed by my previously described most likely outcome.

Have a good weekend.

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