Thursday 18th June 2020

Well we’ve certainly had some downpours this week. A mixed weekend ahead but definitely less rain falling! And chance of our first 30’C of the year next week.

Thanks to Paul for the photographic downpour.

A small chance of a stray shower this evening, otherwise clear spells at first tonight, but our rain band heading back east later in the night to bring a bit of showery rain before dawn, 12’C.

Friday morning sees occasional showery rain – yes from today’s band of rain heading back east. The odd heavy burst possible. More in the way of sunny spells in the afternoon, with one or two scattered heavy showers. Once the sun comes out, we should get to 20’C or close. Variable cloud overnight, around 12’C.

Saturday sees a ridge of high pressure building over England with a rather large low pressure area to the west of Ireland.

Saturday sees a fair amount of cloud around, notably in the morning with a few showers around – unlikely to be anything especially heavy. Some sunny spells, and sunshine amounts increasing during the afternoon – though still with some fair weather cloud, and becoming a bit hazy by evening. Still a small chance of a shower in the afternoon. Reasonably warm, 21’C. Becoming cloudy overnight, a band of rain crossing after midnight, 14’C.

Sunday starts cloudy with a band of rain. This will clear to leave sunny spells – one or two scattered showers in the afternoon also, some places missing out but they could be heavy. Warm, 22’C. Clear spells overnight, around 12’C.

Monday sees high pressure build from the south. Good spells of sunshine – some cloud around, warm, 22’C. Almost like May. Variable cloud overnight, 13’C.

By Tuesday, high pressure is close to our east/south-east and that low pressure system is still in the Atlantic – unable to make its normal eastwards progress.

Tuesday will see long spells of sunshine. Maybe a little cloud early morning, otherwise just like May. Very warm, 25’C – perhaps a bit more. Clear overnight and fairly warm, down to 16’C.

Wednesday will see plenty more sunshine. A bit of fair-weather cloud around – at this stage I don’t rule out an afternoon shower but currently it looks unlikely. Hot, 28’C – perhaps even 30’C. Fairly warm overnight, eventually down to 16’C.

Thursday and Friday should remain hot with sunny spells. Some uncertainty – there is a small chance that a weak weather front could instead bring something fresher, but I’m pretty confident that won’t happen yet.

There will also be a chance of either growing our our scattered thunderstorms or importing larger ones from France – nothing especially likely at this stage. Otherwise good sunny spells with maximum temperatures somewhere between 28’C and 32’C. Time to buy an air conditioning unit? And warm nights too.

Next weekend is uncertain – I’d expect at some point a proper breakdown, either from a thundery low spreading up from France, or thundery showers spreading from the west with fresher conditions following. Timing of the breakdown is uncertain – at the very earliest, Thursday, more likely the weekend, perhaps not until next week.

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