Thursday 18th June 2020 – Mini Update

Morning. Tricky forecast today but basically rain clearing to showers – the difficulty is in the details.

The bulk of the main area of rain has moved west – though it won’t move much further west. There will still be rain at times this morning, mostly light/moderate and showery in nature.

This afternoon is more tricky. If you look closely at the radar you can just about see the rain curling back through the Bristol Channel – this may extend back this far during the afternoon to bring back heavy rain.

Otherwise, the sun should come out to an extent, but there will be scattered heavy, thundery showers instead. If the sun doesn’t come out, then temperatures around 17’C – if it does, then around 20’C.

Full update tonight…and yes, there is a good chance of 1-3 hot days next week.

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