Thursday 18th February 2021

A mild few days to come – not far from spring-like in the sunshine, but there will be cloud and rain at times too.

Thanks to Paul for the photograph. Swans, sunshine and a nice wide photograph.

Clear spells and chilly to start the night, down to around 3’C, though cloud gradually thickening through the night, wind strengthening and temperatures ticking up a tad.

Friday starts bright with some hazy sunshine. Cloud will continue to thicken and some light rain will spread from the west from around late morning onwards – mostly light and patchy. 9’C and windy. Windy overnight with occasional rain – but the main band of rain staying to our west. 11’C.

For Saturday we are in a mild south-westerly – a weather front very close to the west.

It’s a tricky call as to how far east the weather front will push, though likely at times in the morning there will be some outbreaks of rain. This should retreat west in the afternoon, allowing some brightness and increasing amounts of sunshine. Feeling mild, 13’C. Fairly cloudy overnight, the wind easing, around 9’C.

For Sunday the weather front creeps east again but as a much weakened affair. Some bits of light rain at times, but some brightness also, mild at 13’C. Remaining cloudy overnight – some showery rain possible, but uncertain at this stage. Around 8’C.

Monday may see some rain in the morning from the very slowly moving weather front, something more moderate – but uncertain at this stage. Sunny spells should follow, with temperatures around 11’C. Chilly overnight with clear spells – down to around 4’C, give or take.

Tuesday sees further mild air arrive from the south-west.

It will be quite windy but with weather fronts far enough north-west to allow some decent sunny spells, though possibly hazy. 13’C is realistic, but I wouldn’t rule out a 15’C.

Wednesday sees the weather front edge that bit closer, but again it should stay far enough west to allow for some sunshine, albeit likely hazy. With lighter winds, 14’C is possible – I wouldn’t rule out a 16’C.

Thursday probably sees what is left of the weather front move east, so more in the way of cloud, a bit of patchy light rain – but also some brightness and probably still very mild.

Friday and into next weekend probably see a more UK-based high pressure, so temperatures will drop to around normal, say 9’C, with overnight frosts possible – or fog. Probably sunny, but if there is overnight fog then this could be slow to clear.

Suggestions remain that early March will see some colder weather spread across from the east, though signals have weakened a little.

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