Thursday 16th July 2020

Starting with a question. What’s your perception of the weather so far this summer? No wrong answers, just curious.

Thanks to Paul for the photograph – nice and horizontal – fits my website perfectly!

There is somewhat more sunshine and warmth in the forecast – the same overall picture remains of the Azores High trying to ridge in from the south-west, with low pressure systems to our north near Iceland occasionally bringing weather fronts with rain and fresher conditions.

Clear spells tonight, particularly late in the night and a warmish night, 16’C.

For Friday we have the Azores High ridging in, bringing the warmest day of the month so far (I think!) – with low pressure close to Iceland which will spread a weather front down from the north-west during the weekend, with fresher air to follow…more on that shortly.

Friday will see good spells of sunshine – there will be some cloud bubbling up, more so in the morning, but overall and especially in the afternoon there will be more sun than cloud. On the hot side, 27’C. Mostly clear overnight, though some cloud towards dawn, 15’C.

Saturday sees a weak weather front slowly edging down from the north-west. Before that arrives, there will be some cloud at times, more likely in the morning, and some sunshine also – which will be hazy at times, especially later in the day. But overall fairly pleasant and very warm, 24’C. The weather front bringing a spot of rain later in the evening, and something more persistent overnight, down to around 15’C.

Sunday starts with some showery rain but this will continue to clear south-east during the morning. Likely a fair amount of cloud to follow, but I’m hopeful for some sunny spells as the afternoon goes on. Around 20’C. Mostly clear overnight, down to around 11’C.

By Monday we are back to the Azores High making another attempt to push in – though with fresher air having migrated down from the north-west.

Decent spells of sunshine, particularly in the morning – there will be some cloud bubbling up, more so for the afternoon. Pleasant at 21’C. Mostly clear overnight, down to around 11’C.

Tuesday will be similar, some decent spells of sunshine but also some cloud bubbling up, more notably during lunchtime. Around 20’C, which is a few degrees below average for the time of year. Mostly clear overnight, down to around 9’C – rather cool for the time of year!

Wednesday sees high pressure over the south of the UK. Good spells of sunshine, some cloud around but not that much, warm at around 23’C. High cloud overnight, 13’C.

Thursday should see high pressure cling on, but I’m not 100% confident. Assuming so, then expect more warm sunshine and temperatures around 23’C – give or take.

Confidence is breaking down by this point, though I think the more likely outcome is that low pressure will arrive from the west either Friday or Saturday, to bring more in the way of rain or showers for the weekend.

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