Thursday 15th April 2021

Staying mostly dry – but no sign of any warmth at all. Pleasant when sunny – mild, perhaps quite warm at best, but cool occasionally too.

Not the greatest weather for drinking and dining outdoors! Has anyone else taken advantage of our new-found freedom this week? I’ve been out both Tuesday and Wednesday, and I have to say that I have rediscovered a love for life – despite having to sit outside in the cold. Strange how after the first lockdown, it took me 3-4 weeks to be comfortable enough to go to a restaurant – this time I had no reluctance at all.

The signs for the weather over the next month or so are good – in terms of sunshine and lack of rainfall – though temperatures taking their time to impress, so hopefully we will have plenty of decent weather for outdoor socialising.

More photographs this week than I’ve had in the past two months put together! Not sure what happened there?! Oh yeah…snow. Thanks to Chris for the photograph.

Tonight will see plenty of clear spells, temperatures down to around 0’C or a little below, so a frost for most. Fog patches in places by dawn.

Friday continues the theme of recent days. Sunny to start, though perhaps some early fog to clear for some, then becoming mostly cloudy from around lunchtime. 11’C. Clear spells overnight, a frost probable, down to around 0’C.

Saturday starts sunny. Cloud will bubble up again, but less so than in recent days – still a fair amount of cloud though. 12’C. Clear spells overnight, down to around 1’C with a frost in places. A small chance of fog in a few spots by dawn, but unlikely.

By Sunday we have a large area of high pressure over Russia and Scandinavia which remains our main influence, though weather fronts trying to push in from the west.

We cut off the chilly easterly, it will start sunny, though on the hazy side. Some cloud will bubble up but it will remain a pleasant day and reach close to 14’C. Reasonably clear skies overnight, down to around 2’C so all but the most sheltered spots escaping a frost, a small chance of fog patches by dawn.

Monday stays dry with sunny spells – weather fronts to our west not able to make any progress. There will be some cloud, but generally fairly sunny. Squeezing into the quite warm category (for April), 15’C or a tad more. Fairly clear skies overnight, down to around 3’C.

Tuesday looks quite cloudy as the weather front to our west finally makes it (probably) – probably not much rain, if any, just a case of cloud – and some sunny breaks. Likely still quite warm, especially in the sunny breaks, 15’C. Fairly cloudy overnight, around 6’C.

Wednesday is a bit uncertain on cloud amounts – temperatures likely to be a bit lower, say around 12’C.

Annoyingly, by Thursday it looks like we might scrape a northerly breeze.

Not certain, we could end up with something quite warm, but the slightly more likely outcome is this chilly northerly breeze, pegging temperatures back to around 12’C – maybe even lower. Sunny spells likely either way.

By Friday things are increasingly uncertain. Likely dry, likely at least some sunshine – but the direction of the flow is uncertain – anything from a chilly 10’C to a quite warm 17’C feels likely, though the cool side of this range a little more likely.

Next weekend more likely dry with some sunshine than otherwise. Again temperatures uncertain – anywhere between a chilly 10’C and a warm 20’C possible, depending on how high pressure has orientated itself – though again slightly more likely on the cooler side of the range. Small changes in wind direction can make quite a large difference at this time of year – easterlies are generally warm in May, but generally chilly in April!

It likely stays dry through much of May, with chances of heavy showers towards the end of the month. It should warm up by the beginning of May (if not late April), but don’t be surprised if there is another cold northerly/north-easterly at some point. Good amounts of sunshine though.

Slowly life is getting back to normal. Slowly the weather is improving.

Have a good weekend.

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