Thursday 14th May 2020

Staying settled – sunshine amounts and temperatures will duly rise too.

Thanks to Nicola for the photograph.

Another fairly clear and fairly chilly night tonight, down to around 2’C – a slight frost in more sheltered spots.

Friday starts sunny. Cloud will thicken from mid-morning, much like recent days and will be rather overcast for a while. Cloud breaking up as the afternoon goes on with more sunshine to end the day. A lighter breeze and temperatures up a bit, maybe 16’C, or close to. Variable cloud overnight, and not as chilly, down to around 7’C.

Similar for Saturday. Starting with sunny spells but clouding over and being rather overcast during the afternoon. Brighter by the evening. 16’C, perhaps 17’C. Clear spells overnight, down to around 6’C.

By Sunday, high pressure has migrated from our north-west, where it was introducing our colder air, to our south-west – and we have a warmer flow.

More sunshine, still some areas of low cloud floating around especially in the afternoon, and high cloud generally there, but the emphasis more on sunshine – 20’C should be reached. Clear spells overnight, down to around 9’C.

Monday starts with sunny spells, perhaps hazy. Again more cloud will bubble up, though still some sunny spells at times – it will be pleasant and warm, albeit with a fair amount of cloud. 22’C. Clear spells overnight, down to around 11’C.

Tuesday starts with sunny spells. Yep, you guess it, cloud will bubble up. Not as much as recently though – the lunchtime period probably rather cloudy but good sunny spells outside that 2-3 hour period. Very warm, 24’C possible. Clear spells overnight, 11’C.

Things start to get a bit uncertain from Wednesday. It looks like high pressure will then be to our north-east – one of the main models develops a cooler easterly, the other develops a relatively hot southerly flow.

Either way it should remain dry with sunny spells – but temperatures could be around 17’C or around 26’C! Or anything in between. I marginally favour the southerly flow in terms like likelihood.

Should we go the relatively hot southerly route, it would likely break down with showers towards the end of next week – perhaps thunderstorms, before coming settled and warm once more.

The cooler route more likely to lead to a lengthy settled spell to follow, but warmish temperatures.

Either way the latter part of May and most of June look likely to remain mostly very warm/hot, often sunny with only occasional showery/thundery days. As I’ve been stating for some time now. You may well come to know it as Flaming June.

July definitely looks more mixed – June may actually be hotter than July.

Have a good weekend.

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