Thursday 14th December 2023

Mild and dry for a while…colder in time for Christmas? Maybe. And the wind is a feature too.

Thanks to Lene for the photograph…though not sure I can offer you much sunshine.

Tonight sees some cloud, and some clear spells – down to roughly around 3’C for most, but quite give and take as it will depend on how much in the way of clear spells – some spots perhaps just about getting a frost.

So the general picture sees a large area of high pressure to our south-west – starting to suck up much milder air but also a lot of cloud – and this high pressure in this kind of position until Monday.

Friday sees hazy sunshine for most of the day – sometimes the cloud perhaps thickening up to blot out the hazy sunshine, and becoming a little breezy later. Around 7’C, maybe 8’C – mild air not yet here. Fairly clear skies to start the night, though a layer of high cloud remains – cloud tending to thicken as the night goes on. Down to around 3’C, again pretty give or take depending on cloud amounts – so a small chance of a frost in some locations.

Saturday will be mostly cloudy – some occasional bits of sunshine, but mostly cloudy. Breezy and mild, around 11’C. Likely cloudy for most of the night, but some clear spells possible. Down to around 7’C and windy.

Sunday has more scope for sunshine though there will be cloudy periods, and when sunny, the sun may be hazy at times. Mild and quite windy, around 11’C. Plenty of cloud overnight, though some clear spells at times, more so earlier in the night. Down to around 6’C.

Monday looks cloudy once more – perhaps a spot of drizzle at times as a weak weather front edges closer. Still quite windy and around 12’C. The weak weather front continues to sink south overnight, more cloud and some light rain – perhaps something more persistent. Around 11’C.

Tuesday likely starts with outbreaks of rain – some uncertainty over this, and also when it will clear, but assuming it clears during daylight, then it will be followed by sunny spells and something cooler. Reaching around 12’C though temperatures dropping once the sunnier weather arrives. Still breezy. Fairly cloudy and fairly windy overnight, down to around 4’C.

By Wednesday our high pressure is now further west – and the flow gradually turns more north-westerly.

Details uncertain for Wednesday – likely windy, but otherwise sunshine/cloud amounts uncertain, there is a possibility of some showery rain. Around 9’C.

Likewise details uncertain for Thursday, Friday and into next weekend – but the north-westerly flow should bring some rain at some point, and will likely be windy, perhaps strong winds – with a chance of a notable storm system bringing disruption, say around a 25% chance. It definitely needs watching if you have travel plans later next week (as I do).

This may be followed by 1-2 days of colder weather, perhaps a wintry shower – though the form horse looks like a return of milder weather in time for Christmas Day.

A White Christmas isn’t impossible, but remains just a 5% chance.

Have a good weekend.

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