Thursday 14th April 2022

It’s a rare morning forecast due to upcoming Easter fun – and a fairly rare fairly pleasant Easter weekend. There will be more mist/fog some days, a fair amount of cloud, the odd shower – but broadly pretty pleasant.

Well, except for those of us going to the east coast. Oh well. Guess I did go to California the other week.

Thanks to Liz for the photograph.

Today sees early mist/fog clear into hazy sunshine. Quite a lot of cloud will bubble up, more cloud than sunshine overall but it will remain broadly bright, with some sunny spells. And the cloud breaking up by evening. Warmer, 18’C maybe 19’C. A lot of high cloud overnight with mist/fog and low cloud developing before dawn, down to around 8’C – give or take.

Good Friday sees high pressure over Scandinavia, stretching towards the UK. It is close to a chilly pattern, so we are lucking out a bit this time.

Early mist/fog or low cloud will take a couple of hours to clear, but it will do so into good sunny spells. During the afternoon quite a lot of fair weather cloud will bubble up, though it will remain pleasant with sunny spells. Just a 10% chance of a stray shower. Probably the warmest day of the weekend, we should reach 21’C or so. Clear spells at first though mist/fog likely to form quite widely once more, though perhaps not as widely as the morning before, down to around 8’C.

Saturday starts with mist/fog in many places, particularly the further west you are. It will lift into decent sunny spells, though probably hazy, with the afternoon again seeing quite a lot of cloud around – bright but more cloud than sun. Warm, we should just about get to 20’C. Fairly cloudy overnight with a lot of high/medium level cloud, down to around 8’C.

Easter Sunday will be warm with hazy sunshine. Maximum temperatures a little uncertain, somewhere between 18’C and 21’C – depending on quite how thick the layer of high/medium level cloud is. A weak weather front may bring a little light rain overnight, down to around 8’C.

Easter Monday starts to see a change as low pressure pushes in from the west.

Exact conditions are a bit uncertain for Monday, and will depend on the progress of the overnight weather front. I think the slightly more likely outcome is that it is stalled over us and we have cloud with a little light rain, around 14’C, becoming brighter later – the slightly less likely outcome is that the weather front had cleared overnight on Sunday and we see sunny spells and fair weather cloud, a small chance of a shower and close to 16’C.

Low confidence for Tuesday through to Thursday, though it does look cooler, say between 11’C and 13’C. Otherwise it will depend on the positioning of low pressure systems – rain/showers look probable but far from certain. We could easily end up a few rather wet days – likewise it could just be dry, fairly cloudy and cool. Or something in between.

Perhaps something warmer for next weekend – but the uncertain shower/rain chance remaining.

Have a great Easter and enjoy the sunshine…well…the often hazy sunshine.

2 thoughts on “Thursday 14th April 2022

  1. Morning! Love the weather forecasts – have only recently subscribed but …

    Quick question – you always refer to a photograph but I can never see one – one the weather maps? what’s happening? I do open the emails on my laptop so not sure how I’m missing them …

    1. Hey Juli – I’ve looked into it and the plugin I use doesn’t send the main image, which I use for the heading. Apparently they are going to update the plugin to send it as well…but that was 2 years ago!

      The main image is always a local weather photograph.

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