Thursday 13th January 2022

High pressure remains in control for the next week – some sun, some cloud, some frost and some fog. Generally quite cold but nothing unusual for January.

Thanks to Becky for the photograph.

Tonight sees clear skies with a frost, down to around -1’C. Mist/fog patches forming in some places.

For Friday we have high pressure centred over the south-east of England – ahhh if only it were spring or summer.

If you start foggy then it may take quite some time to clear, and temperatures will be lower, say 3’C – but for most places it will be sunny all day and around 6’C. Fog forming more widely overnight – most places will be foggy for much of the night, though an early frost likely before fog forms. Down to around 0’C, though picking up a bit as fog forms to around 2’C.

Saturday morning will be foggy for most. It will take most of the morning to clear and then it will be mostly cloudy for the rest of the day. Feeling chilly, 6’C. Often cloudy overnight, a weak weather front may give a dash of light rain, around 3’C.

Sunday looks often cloudy. Some sunny spells – more likely in the afternoon, the odd splash of rain possible in the morning. A bit milder, 8’C, maybe 9’C. Clear spells overnight, probably a frost though uncertain at this stage – down to around 0’C.

Monday should be sunny, maybe a little cloud around. Around 7’C. Fog or frost probable overnight.

Tuesday stays settled. Uncertain as to whether it will be cloudy or sunny – the latter a little more likely. Around 8’C.

Wednesday still settled – still uncertain on whether it will be cloudy or sunny at this stage. Perhaps a bit milder, say 10’C.

Thursday still the same, still uncertain on cloud amounts though perhaps sunny more likely than cloudy. Around 9’C.

Friday and next weekend – very low confidence – but most likely more of the same. There is instead a moderate chance of low pressure moving across with some rain.

Worth mentioning that my forecast for January was for a wet month – so it is completely wrong! My assumption has been that unsettled conditions would fairly quickly return, but this high pressure really doesn’t look like it is going anywhere.

Something has changed – the signal for a wet January was strong – unless I was misreading the signals. I cannot quite work out what has happened to change the expected weather pattern, and therefore I have no confidence in the return to unsettled conditions which I would have naturally assumed.

So I’m now at the “I don’t have a clue” stage for the rest of January.

Hmmm. Enjoy the fog.

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