Monday 18th December 2023

Nothing very interesting ahead, a lot of cloud, some bits of sunshine, a little rain and quite a bit of wind. Maybe colder for Christmas Day…maybe.

Thanks to Louise for the photograph.

Tonight will be cloudy with some showery rain developing from around midnight onwards. Mild and breezy, 11’C.

The general picture for Tuesday is that our high pressure that has kept us dry and increasingly mild the last few days has moved west, allowing wind and rain to our north to encroach at times – but not take over.

Tuesday starts cloudy with outbreaks of rain, quite heavy for a time. This starts to ease around late morning, and it will become dry and eventually there will be some sunshine by mid/late-afternoon. Generally breezy – mild in the morning at around 12’C, though dropping a little when the rain clears. Fairly clear skies overnight, though too breezy for a frost – down to around 4’C.

Wednesday starts bright with some hazy sunshine, though cloud will thicken and mostly it will be cloudy – some occasional brightness, but also perhaps a bit of light rain/drizzle at times. Fairly windy, around 10’C. Cloudy overnight, perhaps a spot of drizzle at times and around 10’C. Windy.

Thursday generally looks cloudy, some occasional bits of light rain/drizzle, and it will be windy – some fairly strong gusts at times. Maybe a little sunshine at times later in the afternoon. Mild, around 12’C. Rather cloudy overnight, some occasional bits of rain/drizzle, windy and around 10’C.

Not much difference for Friday, still cloudy, still windy – a little less so than Thursday. Some bit of showery rain around and around 11’C. Cloudy, windy with bits and pieces of occasional rain overnight, around 9’C.

You can probably write this yourself by now, but Saturday will be – yep, cloudy, windy with bits and pieces of occasional light rain/drizzle. Around 11’C. Same story overnight.

Christmas Eve? More likely cloudy, windy with bits and pieces of showery rain at times. A tad milder, 13’C.

Too early for much confidence for Christmas Day but there’s at least a chance of something colder and sunnier spreading down from the north-west. Though the more likely option remains some continuation of mild, cloudy with some showery rain.

This possible 1-3 day colder spell could arrive Christmas Eve – low chance, Christmas Day or Boxing Day, though its not an especially high chance – and mild/wet should replace it fairly quickly.

Next forecast will be on Thursday, all being well.

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