Thursday 12th August 2021

It’s a long way from glorious, but the somewhat improved weather will continue. A bit of a mix for this weekend and next week, some cloud, some sun, a bit of rain but nothing like of late.

I guess you want some details.

Thanks to Paul for the photograph.

Quite cloudy with evening, a small chance of a (probably) light shower and a bit of brightness too. Clear spells overnight, down to around 13’C.

Friday starts with some sunny spells, but cloud will quickly bubble up. Rather cloudy for the rest of the morning and around lunchtime, a chance of a little drizzle or light rain, but then slowly becoming somewhat sunnier during the afternoon and evening. Warm, 23’C. Clear spells overnight, down to around 13’C.

For Saturday, we see the low pressure system approaching from the south-west though staying to our west for now – if you read on Monday you may remember that the track was causing some problems for accurate forecasting.

Some sunny spells possible first thing, but the low pressure will bring quite a lot of cloud with it for much of the morning and into the early part of the afternoon, if not for longer. A chance of a little patchy light rain but nothing notable – and there will be some sunny spells at times, more likely later in the afternoon. Reaching around 23’C, though if sunshine amounts surprise, 25’C not out of the question. Clear spells overnight, down to around 13’C.

Sunday see the low pressure system edge east towards us, but becomes a weak feature. Still a bit of uncertainty over exact details, but there will be some very warm sunshine at times, some cloud and a few showers – not likely to be heavy. Very warm, around 24’C but plausible a bit higher. Quite cloudy at first overnight, with the odd bit of rain, clear spells later and down to around 12’C.

Monday sees our low pressure system having moved to our east (instead of hanging around like so many have this summer…I think sign of the pattern change I have been mentioning), and a strong build of high pressure to our west.

Not the warmest or sunniest set-up, but it’s August so it is still reasonable. Sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud, sometimes rather sunny, sometimes rather cloudy with a light shower possible. Around 20’C and breezy. Probably clear skies overnight and assuming so, it could be a tad chilly for August, say down to around 10’C.

Tuesday likely starts sunny but also likely becomes cloudy quickly, and stays mostly cloudy. A small chance of a light shower. Around 19’C and still breezy. Likely rather cloudy overnight, 14’C.

Wednesday likely rather cloudy too – uncertainty at this stage as to how much cloudy, but likely more cloud than sun overall, perhaps mostly cloudy all day. Around 20’C.

Thursday very similar to Wednesday, expect lots of cloud.

And, well, probably rather cloudy on Friday but a bit more hope for some sunshine, and temperatures still around 20’C.

Low confidence for next weekend but the trend seems to be high pressure slowly moving east towards the UK, which will increase both sunshine amounts and temperatures, perhaps to being quite hot.

Whether that happens in time for next weekend or the week after (or doesn’t happen) is unknown at this stage, but I’d say the slightly more likely outcome for next weekend is something fairly sunny and very warm/quite hot.

Assuming this happens, then it could be a rather pleasant and summer-like end to August, with a small chance of becoming hot or even very hot by the end, depending on where high pressure ends up – though more likely we stay warm/very warm.

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