Thursday 11th November 2021

No need to read the forecast, nothing going on, mostly mild, only a bit of rain – same old, really.

Thanks to Becky for the wonderful gloom.

Some clear spells tonight, though cloud at times, especially later. Down to around 7’C.

Friday sees a decaying low pressure head across the UK, from the west.

Cloudy to start with a fairly weak band of rain crossing – an hour or two of light-moderate rain. From mid/late morning, a few hours of sunny spells though a moderate chance of a shower also, then mostly cloudy from there, with a light shower possible. Quite windy and mild, 15’C. Mostly cloudy overnight, a few clear spells, perhaps a spot of rain, 10’C.

Saturday starts mostly cloudy. There will be some brightness/sunny spells at times, more likely in the middle portion of the day. 13’C in lighter winds. Mostly cloudy overnight in an easterly breeze, around 9’C.

Sunday starts cloudy. There should be some sunny breaks at times, more likely mid/late afternoon – but cloud will dominate. 12’C. Cloudy overnight – possibly foggy. Down to around 8’C.

Monday sees high pressure very much in control, stretching from well to the west of the Azores and well into Russia.

Starting cloudy or foggy – any fog will be slow to clear, and I’m not especially optimistic for any sunshine – but there may be some in the afternoon. Around 11’C. Probably cloudy overnight, a chance of fog, down to around 8’C.

Told you this forecast was boring.

Tuesday is probably cloudy. 10’C. Suggestions of a more north-westerly flow overnight, which should clear some of the cloud, though perhaps with the odd shower from a weak weather front. Down to around 5’C.

A north-westerly flow on Wednesday should bring some sunny spells – but also a fair amount of cloud. Around 11’C. Clear spells overnight, breezy, down to around 3’C.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, more of the same, plenty of cloud, perhaps a little light rain from any weak weather fronts, a bit of sunshine at times, cooler on Thursday, milder on Friday & Saturday.

Sunday may see a transition to something cooler/colder from either the north-west or north – but early days.

There remains a good chance of cooler/colder than normal weather for the latter third of November and the first half of December. But it is squeaky bum time – this period been signalled as likely colder than normal for a couple of months, I’ve talked about it since the beginning of September – and now we are almost there.

Will it actually happen? Who knows. It’s just a good chance, not a definite.

I wish you a boring weekend.

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