Thursday 11th June 2020

Well Monday’s forecast held up well – better than expectations and still holds well!

Now for the warmer part, but some hefty showers too.

Thanks to Zara for the photograph…beautifully wide!

Rather cloudy and breezy tonight – we are in between bands of showery rain, one over north England and the other over north France, due to the area of low pressure to the west of France which is dominating things at the moment. Down to around 12’C.

Friday starts with sunny spells. Scattered heavy showers will develop during late morning, a small chance of thunder or some brief torrential downpours. A band of rain follows between roughly 1pm and 5pm, a bit showery and some heavy bursts mixed in. Some sunshine for the evening but with scattered heavy showers, again a small chance of thunder or some brief torrential downpours. Fun! Quite warm, close to 21’C in the morning, and a little lower in the afternoon. Clear spells developing overnight and a warmish night at around 15’C.

One thing to bear in mind is that there is a small chance that a pulse of very heavy rain, perhaps thundery, could cross the area overnight – I do think this will be somewhere midlands/north but worth noting.

Saturday sees our low pressure edge back towards the UK.

There is warmer air around so we should get to 22’C, maybe a shade more and there will also be sunny spells. And there will be a scattered of heavy showers – no guarantee in catching one, though there should be a fair scattering especially late afternoon and evening – thunder definitely possible. Clear spells overnight, around 12’C.

Sunday looks a reasonable day. Some cloud around at times, generally fair weather cloud, decent sunny spells too. Still a chance of a shower but more likely to miss them, and nothing especially heavy if so. Warm, around 22’C. Clear spells overnight, around 12’C.

Monday again continues the broad theme. Sunny spells, plenty of cloud bubbling up and overall perhaps a bit more cloud than sunshine. A chance of showers, nothing especially notable currently expected, though far enough out to change. Around 21’C. Clear spells overnight, 12’C.

Tuesday sees low pressure pretty much right over England and in a perfect position for heavy showers.

Which is what we should get. Some sunny spells but the likely outcome sees lots of heavy showers, thunder more likely than not – could be some decent little storms for our standards, hail and torrential downpours all could be in the mix. Around 21’C. Variable cloud overnight, 13’C.

Wednesday looks similar. Again a high chance of some very heavy showers, thunder more likely than not, hail and torrential rain all could be mixed in. Showers potentially slow-moving, so get stuck under a really torrential one and there could be localised flooding. Around 22’C – warm in the sunshine.

Low in confidence by Thursday/Friday/Saturday. I think the slightly more likely outcome is that high pressure builds from either south-west or south, returning the very warm conditions, say 24’C ish, more sunshine but unlikely clear blue skies all day, and still very possibly some showers around.

Sunday too uncertain to be worth suggesting.

Hope you enjoy the weather – I will!

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