Thursday 10th March 2022

My housemate told me it was almost spring-like today outside. I was too busy writing code to notice, but yeah, we reached 15’C. Maybe we’ll beat that next week.

But first…some rain.

Thanks to Andy for the photograph.

Tonight sees variable amounts of cloud, perhaps a light shower, breezy and no lower than 8’C.

Friday sees weather fronts start to make progress against the high pressure block to our east.

It will start bright with hazy sunshine, but cloud will thicken with outbreaks of rain from late morning/lunchtime through to early/mid afternoon, say 3-4 hours. Some sunny spells to finish – but one or two heavy showers also. Around 10’C and windy – notably during the band of rain. Variable cloud overnight and some showers, perhaps heavy – tending to be less showers around towards dawn. 7’C and breezy.

Saturday is sunshine and showers. Most of the showers in the morning, perhaps heavy. More sunshine for a while in the afternoon, though cloud thickening from the west as the day goes on. Quite windy but mild once again, around 12’C. Cloudy overnight with some bits of rain – perhaps some more general heavy rain spreading from the south towards dawn, but that is uncertain. Down to around 7’C.

Sunday sees low pressure trying to push in from the west – but it cannot progress due to the high pressure block, and it pushes north – but also some energy splits off and heads south towards Spain – which gives us a chance of something warmish next week – if the cards play right.

Sunday is a bit…hmmm…open to correction in terms of details, but broadly probably starts cloudy with some rain – this should then move east to sunshine and showers, which could be heavy, perhaps even with a rumble of thunder. Windy and mild, around 12’C. Variable cloud overnight, down to around 4’C – though I wouldn’t rule out something colder.

Monday should see sunny spells and fair weather cloud, with the odd shower possible. Some high cloud may spread up from the south to make it hazy – if it does then the shower chance won’t happen. Mild, 13’C, maybe 14’C. Probably variable cloud overnight.

Tuesday has some uncertainty on cloud amounts…well quite a lot of uncertainty. It could be gloriously sunny, it could be bright with hazy sunshine (arguably the more likely outcome) or there could be a lot of low cloud around with some limited sunshine. Temperatures depending on cloud amounts but somewhere between 13’C and 17’C.

Wednesday is a tricky evolution but the more likely outcome is some spring-like warmth – though again uncertainty on cloud amounts.

It’s tricky because there will be a weather front trying to push down from the north-west, with colder air trying to push in from the east – but the low pressure system over southern Spain should be dragging much warmer air up through western Europe.

We could easily end up wet and mild, or cool and dry – but the somewhat more likely outcome is a warmish day with some sunshine, say between 16’C and maybe, just maybe 20’C.

It should be fresher again by Thursday with a weather front spreading some rain down either overnight on Wednesday or Thursday – unless it spread down during Wednesday.

A broad range of possible outcomes for Friday and into next weekend, though more likely dry than wet and more likely mild/quite warm then average/cold – but all normal March weather is possible.

The rest of March should balance out as warmer, sunnier and drier than normal – though some pleasant spring-like days should also see some wet days mixed in too.

So, I’m on holiday next week. Yeah, an actual going away to another country thing.

I should get time to do an update before I go away, either on Sunday or early Monday. Then…who knows. I might delete the internet for a week, though I probably will find some time to update you…I will want to know what the weather will be for my return, for sure!

See ya.

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