Sunday 25th July 2021 -Thundery Downpour Chances

A more interesting day today than yesterday. Still lots of cloud around – there should be some brightness later in the morning, or early afternoon, which will only help to develop the downpours, though I’d fancy that there is enough instability and humidity to develop them even if it stays cloudy.

Scattered heavy showers, possibly with hail and/or thunder, could develop anywhere over south-east England, though I don’t think they’ll develop much further west than Reading, so it certainly could stay dry today.

Of more concern than scattered heavy showers, it does look as though there will be a zone of convergence, say 20-40 miles wide, roughly NE to SW, where multiple torrential downpours will likely develop this afternoon, with hail and especially thunder very possible. This would likely lead to flooding in places – a few spots could see some excessive totals of rain.

This zone appears more likely to be over London, but there is a plausible chance that it could be further west – or perhaps it develops over London and very slowly moves west later in the day/evening.

As always, plenty of uncertainty over the details – but worth mentioning the risk. Worth keeping an eye out on a rain radar, especially if you are out and about today.

Still warm and humid, reaching around 22’C, assuming the sun comes out for a bit.

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