Sunday 11th December 2022 – Will It Snow?

A really tricky forecast for later, and very much a nowcasting event – Reading does look too far west of the event later, and too far east of the current snow showers – as evidenced by the Met Office warnings being to our west, east and south!

But there are still chances.

Watching for two things really. Firstly the snow to our west, which may pivot east this afternoon to bring some snow showers – doesn’t feel especially likely, but maybe a 25% chance of some snow showers.

If you do catch a proper shower then anything from 1-4cm possible, they will be localised and slow-moving showers. Don’t be surprised if you get nothing (the more likely outcome) and somewhere 5 miles down the road gets 4cm.

Then in the evening and overnight, an area of snow will move up into Kent/Essex and push westwards somewhat. I’ve got reasonable confidence that London will see snow tonight, and there may be enough oomph in the showers for 1-2cm this far west overnight – maybe a 30% chance at a push.

That little feature may well stay east of London so we’d get nothing in Reading, but there is an outside chance that it may its northward move further west…so one to watch out for.

Overall for today and tonight, the more likely outcome is that you see no snow or a dusting at most, but there is a fair chance of 1-2cm, and a small chance of more.

As I mentioned in the introduction, it will be very much a case of watching the radar and seeing what happens.

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