Summer Forecast Photograph Request

I need to start writing my summer forecast – and I need a suitable photograph.


Photo orientation. It must be landscape orientation – not portrait. Square is fine as I can crop it if necessary, but landscape makes my life easier! If you don’t know what I’m talking about – the horizontal length should be longer than the vertical length.

Photo quality. Images need to have a little bit of quality to them – a small photo on an old phone just isn’t going to cut it in 2020. Most modern smartphones produce good quality images.

Weather! It must have some weather in it, and summer weather at that. Don’t forget there are different types of summer weather possible – it isn’t always sunny skies, and I try to match the photograph to my forecast.

Local area. Totally up to you, but I will need something local – not Aberdeen, Algeria or wherever you haven’t been on holiday.

Doesn’t have to be a recent photo – just make sure it fits the above requirements.

I know half of you will ignore the above, and that’s fine, you are more than welcome to send them anyway. But just be aware that I need something to fit those criteria.

Also for the first time, I will be donating £20 to the charity of choice for whoever’s photograph I choose. Will need to be a UK-registered charity and nothing controversial please (ie politics/religion or whatever might upset a few!).

Note that the image will be used on the forecast, as a Facebook cover photo and on the website.

You can e-mail or message me on Facebook.

Thanks! Oh and sunny and warm today…but you know that already.

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