Spring Photograph Request

It’s nearly spring…how exciting! Even if March might end up colder than the exceptionally mild February (of which I predicted the opposite…alas). Anyway, I need a photograph for my spring forecast please.

Usual rules:

  1. Must have weather. Must have spring weather of some description! I choose to fit the forecast.
  2. Must be the local area.
  3. Can be from any year…as long as it is spring!
  4. Must be landscape-orientated, ie the width longer than the height. I know plenty of people ignore this when posting on Facebook, which is totally fine, crack on! But I only use landscape-orientated images.

I will donate £10 to the charity of the winner’s choice…I will be in touch with whoever I choose.

Whoever’s photograph I choose will adorn the forecast and also be the cover photograph on Facebook for the next 3 months.

Please add them to the Facebook post or e-mail them.

I guess I’ll be writing it this weekend.

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