Saturday 3rd October 2020 – Rain Update

A really tricky forecast today. Basically rain, but there should be a dry spell.

So the band of rain come up from north-west France and curls around across the UK, as you can see on the chart.

This is slowly moving west and north – though how far west it will make it before it slowly pushes back east is uncertain.

The most likely outcome is that it does clear to our west, and we get a spell of dry weather, perhaps even a bit of brightness, for a few hours, say roughly lunchtime onwards. And then mid-late afternoon, the rain becomes heavy once more and pushes east. It will rain all evening and night – that it pretty much certain, heavy rain too.

So there is a smallish chance that it may not actually clear west at all – and it keeps raining, though probably not heavy and also rather showery, before becoming heavy and persistent from mid/late afternoon onwards.

And there is also a smallish chance that it clears west and takes a bit longer to make it back, so say heavy rain from evening rather than mid/late afternoon.

As I said, heavy rain this evening and overnight is certain. And there will be showery rain tomorrow also. Reaching around 14’C today, though it doesn’t really matter.

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