Saturday 30th July 2022

There’s actually a bit of rain in the forecast! Though generally it remains quite hot with some sunshine at times.

Thanks to Clare for the photograph.

This morning will be bright with spells of hazy sunshine. The afternoon generally cloudier, perhaps a light shower but most places remain dry – some hazy spells of sunshine still possible, especially towards the evening. Quite hot, 26’C. Mostly cloudy overnight, some occasional showery rain from late evening onwards. A warm and humid night, down to around 18’C.

Sunday morning looks mostly cloudy with some occasional showery rain. Some sunny spells in the afternoon, but a few scattered showers too, possibly on the heavy side. Very warm, 25’C, perhaps a tad more and feeling humid too. Fairly cloudy and fairly warm overnight, the odd shower still possible, around 17’C.

For Monday, the Azores High will try to ridge in once more to settle things down.

Quite a bit of cloud around at times, but also some sunny spells. Showers less likely, but one or two still possible. Quite hot, around 26’C, give or take. A cloudy, warm and humid night – probably no lower than around 19’C. Some occasional showery rain possible – though most of the rain should stay to our north.

Tuesday starts cloudy as the weather front slowly and erratically sinks south – bringing cloud but also some showery rain. It should break up to give some sunny spells at times in the afternoon (not certain), but also at the same time we should import some hotter air from France. On the hot side but temperatures will depend on afternoon sunshine amounts – somewhere between 27’C and 32’C, and feeling humid once more. Another warm and humid night, and probably rather cloudy, around 18’C.

Wednesday probably starts cloudy, and probably becomes sunny as the day goes on. The odd shower possible. Some uncertainty on temperatures, but likely on the hot side, say between 27’C and 30’C. Somewhat fresher air should arrive overnight…though maybe not until Thursday.

Thursday will be somewhat fresher, with high pressure close to our west and the yucky humidity pushed away…at least somewhat so.

Sunny spells, some fair weather cloud and a small chance of a shower. Very warm, perhaps quite hot, somewhere between 25’C and 27’C.

Friday will probably be similar, some sunny spells, some cloud, temperatures down a touch to around 24’C.

Next weekend is somewhat uncertain. High pressure should be close to the UK – but positioning is uncertain. One possibility is that it could be over the UK, which would mean good spells of sunshine, very warm/quite hot – but another possibility is that it could be further west/north-west, allowing a more north-easterly flow with some cloud and showers – and somewhat disappointing temperatures.

Drier then normal conditions are likely to dominate for much of August, probably a few more showers than July – and perhaps more likely something changeable towards the end of August, though very weak signals. Heatwave conditions will be possible through the middle third of August.

Appreciate that the forecasts have got a little out of kilter due to my recent busy life – I’m expecting a post-celebratory hangover on Monday from watching England beating Germany in the football, so maybe I’ll be on Tuesday/Friday schedule next week.

We’ll see. Enjoy the weekend and the bits of showery rain.

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