Saturday 23rd January 2021 – Snow Update

So the snow event for Sunday is on – but there remains some uncertainty on details.

The band of snow will cross west to east in the morning, I think roughly 9am to 11am – but it could arrive as early as 6am or as late as 11am – quite a wide range for just 12 hours away.

The most likely outcome is that it falls as snow, with 2-3cm expected, probably quite heavy for a time. However, there could be some rain or sleet mixed in – a small chance, but if so, then expect more of a slushy covering. On the flip side, it could instead snow for longer as the system pivots – 5cm or more cannot be ruled out either.

The pivot that I mentioned will see the band of snow to our north (exact location uncertain) before then pushing south in the evening – so a further spell of snow (probably…could be sleet or a wintry mix instead), probably fairly light at this point.

It’s all very marginal – marginal in favour of snow but marginal all the same. As I mentioned, the most likely outcome sees 2-3cm of snow – but it remains possible that you could get very little, or a slushy mix instead. Enjoy…or not!

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