Saturday 13th June 2020 – Shower Chances

It’s the first nice, warm, sunny day for a little while. Well…it is for now.

Cloud will bubble up this afternoon and heavy showers are likely to break out from around 4pm onwards.

Still a bit of uncertainty right now as to how widespread they will be, though I’d argue more likely a band of heavy downpours will form and spread north, perhaps with some lightning also…hence most people seeing at least one downpour. Could be briefly torrential, hail also possible. Any time from 4pm, perhaps more likely 6-7pm, further into the evening also possible.

A small chance instead of a spell of general heavy rain developing for 2-3 hours, or maybe the showers instead will be very isolated. As it stands, I think the prior band of very heavy showers is the most likely outcome.

Will probably update later!

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