Saturday 11th April 2020

So, welcome to the first ever Reading Weather forecast on my brand new website. All my own work – though I’m a developer not a designer so maybe the design aspect is not amazing – I tried to make it look soft and friendly!

All feedback welcome, especially criticism – if you find something not working, or something that looks wrong – maybe it displays badly on your mobile – please let me know!

Definitely still a few rough edges that I know of – but I’m sure you’ll find more. Anyway…

Good spells of sunshine around today. There will be more cloud than of late – not spoiling the weather though there will also be a scattering of heavy showers this afternoon. Just a 15% chance of catching one – assuming they actually develop, which is not certain, only a few places in England will catch one. A small chance of thunder in any showers.

Very warm, reaching 24’C, maybe 25’C.

Tomorrow remaining warm and sunny – though more hazy at times. Also a greater chance of heavy, possibly thundery showers – say 50% chance.

So…any good?!

24 thoughts on “Saturday 11th April 2020

  1. Love the blue background reminds me of summer days and holidays abroad! Always find your forecasts easy to read without any “fluff” 😃. Nothing needs changing as far as I am concerned.

  2. This is fantastic!
    I like that it’s clean and uncluttered, and as always, the forecast is well written and easy for the layperson to understand. I’m sure as time goes on it will evolve and grow, and it does have the flexibility to allow you to do great things!
    Thank you for what you do. It’s a huge commitment that we all appreciate so much.

  3. id Ask for constructive criticism rather than the plain boring type…, there are too many people who will moan for the sake of it rather than actually being helpful in their complaints!

    Been following you for years and looking forward to your latest electronic adventure!

    1. Lots of people moan (myself included!) but I seem to be lucky with the people that follow me…or at least those that comment anyway!! 🙂

  4. Fantastic. Well done. Love the calming blue background. Love your forecasts as clear and concise. Thanks

  5. Looks absolutely fine.. love the background colour.. doesn’t jarr on the eyes.
    Good luck with your latest adventure.. I agree with other comments I love your forecasts as they are easy to read.

  6. Excellent – been following you for local knowledge for a long time. Personally I’m more interested in content rather than aesthetics but it’s crisp, clear and uncluttered on my iPhone.

  7. Love the format, it’s nice and simple with no distractions! It works well on my Samsung S6 🙂

  8. Black print on white background. Good.
    Pale blue surround. Good.
    Accurate forecasts for our area. Good.
    Nothing needs changing. Thankyou for all your hard work. It truly is appreciated.

  9. congrats on making this…like always, the new page is also spot on!! we really do not need any fancy thing…just some super weather forecast….keep it up James….we are all so lucky and proud to have you around!!

  10. Nice and easy to read and now follow.
    Thanks for all the forecasts, and when we pester you for specific areas i.e. is the snow going to stay in my garden 🤣 are we having a mini heat wave, or more recently, when will the rain stop. Love all the little comments you make through out it. Looking forward to seeing more forecast.
    Well done x

  11. Looks great to me and display is fine on my mobile. Thank you for all your work continuing to bring a relevant and local weather forecast.

  12. It displays really well on my tablet, James and I look forward to seeing how you progress with it. Good luck, you work hard to being us such relevant forecasts.

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