I do appreciate all the weather photographs that are sent to me – and always try to use one for the main forecasts, which are usually written on Monday and Thursday evenings.

If you send me a photograph I assume permission to use for the purpose of upcoming forecasts. I do not use the photograph elsewhere.

If you would like to send me one, please send them either by Facebook message or e-mail.

Please don’t be upset if I don’t use it. Some weeks I don’t get any photographs – other weeks I get dozens!

I try to use photographs that relate to the coming weather where possible. I also try to use photographs from people that haven’t sent in photographs before, again where possible.

Very few people send me photographs of dull cloud or rain – but lots send me photographs of sunny days or rainbows, so if you are really keen on getting 15 minutes (seconds?) of Weather Forecast For Reading photograph fame, then try to send me a photograph when the weather has been boring!

Also quality helps, if it is a tiny photograph from a 10 year old phone with a basic camera, then I probably cannot use it.

Oh and sunsets/sunrises. Most phone cameras don’t do them justice and I prefer to use photographs that resemble the day’s weather more…though I will occasionally use them!