Photograph Request – Spring

Gosh is it time to be writing my spring weather forecast already?

This means that I need a photograph. Usual rules apply:

  1. Needs to have weather. Lots of different types of weather happen in spring but I try to use one which resembles the expected season’s weather.
  2. Must be of the local area.
  3. Must be landscape-orientated – not portrait. This is because portrait photographs don’t work with my website very well.

I tend to look for the one that most closely tells a story – so it might not be your interpretation of the “best” photograph.

I will be sending £10 to the charity of choice from whoever’s photograph I choose. But please make it non-controversial if I pick your photograph – you know what people like to argue about on the internet, especially politics and some a few well-known charities are very political. I like that I hardly ever need to delete comments and want to keep it that way.

The easiest way for me is to post on the Facebook post – but if you prefer you can send a direct message on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail me.

I feel like I normally have more to say…hmmm.

Spring forecast will probably be issued on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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