Monday 9th November 2020

We start the week with high pressure to our east – low pressure to our west. It can be quite a stubborn pressure pattern, but it does look like at times weather fronts will make progress – so often dry this week, mild too, but there will be some bands of rain crossing.

Thanks to Trisha for the photograph – it wasn’t the most interesting week of weather ever (in my opinion), but I received more photographs than normal!

This evening sees scattered heavy showers – these slowly fade as the evening and night goes on, it will be dry most of the time. Down to around 11’C.

Tuesday will see sunny spells with variable amounts of cloud. One or two showers dotted around, but not especially likely to catch one. Very mild, 15’C, maybe 16’C. Clear skies at first overnight, cloud gradually thickening from the west as the night goes on – also some mist and fog patches. Down to around 6’C.

For Wednesday we see low pressure trying to push in from the west.

The morning will be bright with hazy sunshine – once any mist and fog has lifted. Cloud slowly thickening further during the afternoon – some bits of rain possible by late afternoon or early evening as the weather front in the west makes slow progress against the high pressure block to our east. Still mild, 13’C and breezy. Rain crossing either during the evening or the first part of the night, some heavy bursts too. Clear skies follow and down to around 6’C.

Thursday sees sunny spells, hazy at times, with a fair amount of fair weather cloud also. Feeling a bit cooler, and breezy too, 11’C. Cloud thickening overnight, some showery rain likely later but nothing notable. Around 9’C.

Friday morning may still have some showery rain left, but this will clear to sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud. Milder, breezy, 13’C. Cloud thickening overnight, some rain possible though uncertain at this stage. Around 8’C.

For Saturday we should have milder air across the country – but also likely cloudy with some showery rain. Uncertain on the rain aspect as it stands. Quite windy, 15’C. Similar overnight.

Low confidence for Sunday, but I’d suggest something fresher, sunnier, but with a couple of heavy showers is the most likely outcome. It could instead be mild, cloudy with some bits of rain – like Saturday.

Suggestions that next week starts with a push of very mild air from the south once more, likely dry, overnight fog possible, sunshine uncertain.

Probably just for a couple of days – it either then briefly becomes unsettled followed by high pressure building close by, or we just skip the brief unsettled spell and have high pressure building close by. This should mean a greater chance of overnight fog and frost, a greater chance of sunshine by day, and mostly dry with temperatures closer to average.

Hints remain for a more notable cold spell being possible either end of November or beginning of December – as in, colder than normal for the time of year, assuming we can get high pressure in a favourable position for cold. Drier than normal does look the form horse through this period, cold more likely than mild – anything else uncertain.

Have a good week.

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