Monday 9th January 2023

Staying unsettled this week, but hints of something a bit colder and a bit drier towards the weekend and into next week.

Thanks to Tina for the photograph.

Clear skies to start tonight, chilly, down to 2’C for a time. Cloud thickening later in the night with rain arriving around dawn, or shortly before.

Tuesday sees low pressure remain in control, with the jetstream crossing the UK – not especially strong, but sufficient to keep us unsettled.

The morning will be wet and windy, some fairly heavy rain at times. Remaining mostly cloudy in the afternoon, some patchy light rain at times, before the evening sees the associated cold front sweep across with around 2-3 hours of rain – which for a short time should be very heavy, say 15 minutes or so of this. Mild, 12’C. Fairly clear skies will follow overnight once the rain clears, a passing light-ish shower possible, no lower than around 5’C.

Wednesday sees sunny spells and showers in the morning. A more organised band of heavy/very heavy showers will cross in the afternoon, with gusty winds and a small chance of some hail. A cooler feel, just about squeezing 9’C. Clear skies for a time in the evening, down to around 4’C, before the next area of rain arrives around midnight, give or take, which will give 3-5 hours of rain, probably heavy.

Thursday will be cloudy with more rain at times – rain more likely in the afternoon, but some uncertainty over exactly how it develops. Mild and fairly windy, 11’C. Clear spells with the odd passing shower possible overnight, down to around 5’C.

Friday actually looks fairly sunny. A bit of cloud around, I cannot rule out showers developing and it will still be windy…oh and on the cool side too at 8’C. Cloud thickening overnight with rain likely at some point – though a little uncertainty over how this develops.

Saturday is a bit uncertain – generally the picture is that we’ll move from wet and mild, to colder and sunnier – but quite when the transition happens is uncertain. So it may be colder but sunny from the off – but it could be wet and mild to start, with the colder air arriving any time during the day, even not until evening.

Sunday looks like a colder northerly (ish) flow. Sunny spells at times, but some showers possible – any heavy ones could even fall as sleet or snow, or at least have some mixed in. Around 6’C. A frost probable overnight.

Monday likely remains on the cold side, but otherwise weather conditions are uncertain.

Overall next week looks drier, but there should still be some rain at some points.

Next forecast will be on Friday (I think), as I’m going out Thursday evening. Enjoy the rain!

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