Monday 8th March 2021

An unsettled week ahead. Just the one.

Thanks to Chris for the photograph.

Tonight sees clear spells forming – temperatures down to around 0’C, with a frost for most by dawn.

High pressure clings on for Tuesday, with decent spells of sunshine all day. Some cloud at times and generally more high cloud later. A bit milder, 11’C. Chilly at first overnight but cloud thickening with some patchy rain after midnight – more persistent by dawn. Down to around 3’C.

Wednesday sees the Atlantic powered up – something we’ve not seen much this year due to the weak and broken polar vortex this winter – and the SSW.

Outbreaks of rain all day – more persistent in the morning, more showery in the afternoon. Windy and chilly too, 8’C. Occasional showery rain in the evening and overnight though gradually trending drier – becoming windier with gusts of 45mph possible overnight, and milder too, 12’C.

Thursday will be a windy day – again gusts of 45mph very possible which may bring the odd fence panel down, or tree branch – that kind of thing. Some sunshine but plenty of cloud and some blustery showers – which could be quite heavy. 10’C. Windy but less so overnight, clear spells and down to around 4’C.

Friday is another cool and windy day in the westerly flow – though not as windy as Thursday. Some sunny spells, plenty of cloud, and some blustery showers. 9’C. Cloudy overnight with rain – timing uncertain on arrival. Winds becoming strong once more, around 6’C.

Low pressure close to our north to start Saturday.

Strong winds, plenty of cloud and plenty of showers will be the game. Depending on the timing of the rain on Friday night, it may start more generally wet on Saturday morning also. 10’C. Windy and quite cold overnight in a north-westerly flow – down to around 2’C.

Uncertain for Sunday – high pressure should be starting to nudge up from the south, but weather fronts may still be close to the north. If pushed, I’d suggest quite cloudy with some patchy rain as the more likely outcome – though not as windy. But it could easily be cloudy/dry or sunny/dry.

Probably still some showers around for Monday but high pressure starting to push up from the south – centred towards our west. So sunny spells, some showers, around 11’C.

From Tuesday onwards high pressure is likely to be in control. Positioning not yet decided and will be key to the feel of things.

The most likely scenario sees it close to our west, so not the warmest position but not the coldest either – it should allow for decent sunny spells and temperatures somewhere between 12’C and 16’C.

High pressure likely remains mostly in control for the rest of March (well much of spring also), but as I keep saying, positioning is key – we could easily end up importing colder air from the east or north at times, as well as having some more pleasant and mild days too (hopefully at least one or two for my week off). Overnight frosts will remain possible.

Ahhh spring thoughts.

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