Monday 7th November 2022

Showers for the next day or so but then becoming dry and quite warm.

Thanks to Ian for the photograph.

This evening will be quite cloudy with the odd scattered shower – another band of showery rain crossing roughly between 1am and 4am, some strong winds during that period and briefly the rain may be very heavy. Clearer skies by dawn, no lower than 11’C.

For Tuesday we remain in the showery, westerly flow.

Some sunny spells and scattered heavy showers – most places catching a couple of showers but maybe you’ll miss them all. Say an 80% chance of catching a couple. Windy and mild, 14’C. Variable cloud overnight, an outside chance of a shower and down to around 10’C.

Wednesday sees more in the way of sunshine. Still some cloud at times, one or two scattered showers dotted around – say a 30% chance of catching one. Breezy and around 13’C. Fairly clear skies at first overnight, more in the way of cloud later in the night, down to around 10’C.

Thursday looks bright and breezy, with spells of hazy sunshine – some more general cloud at times too. Quite warm for the time of year, 16’C. Mild and fairly cloudy overnight, 13’C.

By Friday, high pressure over central Europe will be orientated to push warmer upper air over the UK.

Likely quite cloudy in the morning, but it will become increasingly sunny from late morning onwards. Reaching around 16’C and still quite breezy. Reasonably clear skies overnight, though mist/fog may form in places by dawn. Down to around 6’C.

Saturday may start with mist/fog patches, but they’ll clear to good spells of sunshine, albeit perhaps a little hazy at times. 15’C, maybe 16’C in a southerly breeze. A fair chance of fog forming overnight, though uncertain at this stage – minimum temperatures somewhere between 5’C and 10’C.

Sunday will remain fair, with good spells of sunshine – albeit hazy. However, fog, if it formed overnight, may take some time to clear. Temperatures reaching somewhere between 13’C and 17’C, depending on how long fog takes to clear.

Next week probably starts very mild/quite warm with temperatures trending back to normal as the week goes on – but whether we remain under the influence of high pressure, or the Atlantic takes back control with more wind and rain, is uncertain.

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