Monday 7th March 2022

The same pattern persisting of a high pressure block to our east, weather fronts trying to push in from the west – thought they should succeed by the end of the week.

Thanks to Louise for the photograph.

Tonight sees mostly clear skies in a fairly cold southerly wind, down to around 0’C with a frost in places.

Tuesday starts sunny. Gradually during the afternoon cloud will increase from the west. Quite windy but milder, 11’C. A weak weather front will bring cloud and the odd spot of light rain in the evening. A few clear spells after, but cloud thickening once more as the night goes on. Around 6’C.

Wednesday sees low pressure edging closer, but we’ll remain in this mild southerly-ish flow.

Cloudy to start but the sun will break through and generally there will be sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud all day. Windy but on the mild side, 12’C. Cloud at times overnight as a weather front very slowly edges east – though it will stay dry. Around 7’C.

For Thursday it looks like the overnight approaching weather front edges back west a bit – there will be more cloud than the last couple of days, but still some bright spells with hazy sunshine. Mild, 13’C seems achievable – maybe a tad more. Breezy. Fairly cloudy overnight, around 9’C.

Friday starts dry, fairly cloudy but some hazy sunshine possible. It looks like a weather front will bring some rain later in the day – either afternoon or evening, though timing uncertain right now. Around 12’C and still notably breezy. The weather front clears east during the evening, though the odd heavy shower may follow. Down to around 6’C.

Saturday looks like seeing sunny spells though there is a fair degree of uncertainty due to a fairly vigorous low pressure system tracking in from the west – but that will struggle to progress due to the block to our east. So probably sunny spells, a small chance of a shower, and around 11’C. Rain possible overnight, though low confidence.

The somewhat more likely outcome for Sunday sees some rain at some point – though low confidence until the models resolve what Saturday’s approaching low pressure system does.

Uncertain for next week as too many influences going on, one notable influence looks like low pressure over Spain could spin up some warmer than normal air towards us – but there is the battle between the Atlantic weather systems and the cold block to the east, all in the calculation. It could just as easily be a wet week or a dry week, or a mixture of wet/dry days.

So pretty pointless in attempting a forecast. But I will say, maybe you’ll get a couple of “quite warm” days, say 15’C or so. But it is a very tricky evolution so keep expectations low on this.

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