Monday 7th February 2022

A few milder days followed by a few colder days. Mostly dry though one spell of rain midweek.

Thanks to Tara for the photograph.

Mostly cloudy tonight. The odd spot of light rain possible this evening, a few clear spells towards dawn, around 8’C.

Tuesday sees high pressure close to our south – low pressure towards Iceland where the jetstream is powering along.

Quite a lot of cloud around, but there will be some sunny breaks at times. Breezy and mild, 12’C. Fairly cloudy overnight though a few clear spells, down to around 7’C.

Wednesday will be mostly cloudy as a weak weather front slowly sinks south – giving a little showery light rain at times. A few bright spells probable, but mostly cloudy. 11’C in a light breeze. Cloudy overnight – the weather front edging back north with some showery rain after midnight, down to around 5’C.

Thursday sees colder air push down from the north-west.

It starts cloudy with outbreaks of rain – some uncertainty over how far north it will have pushed overnight, so how long it will take to clear as it pushes back south again is uncertain. A rain clearing time of midday is a vague estimate, it could be a few hours either way. There is an outside chance of a little sleet mixed in with the rain as the cold air tucks in. Sunny spells following, 6’C in a chilly breeze. Clear skies overnight and a frost, down to around -1’C.

Friday sees long spells of sunshine. Fairly chilly at 6’C. Some high cloud spreading across overnight but clear enough for a frost, down to around -2’C.

Saturday looks bright with some spells of hazy sunshine, and some cloud at times too. Quite windy – weather fronts not far to our north and west, but high pressure hanging on. Around 8’C.

At some point either Saturday night or during Sunday, rain will then spread across from the west.

Next week does look like a more disturbed spell of weather than for a while, though the low pressure track should be further north so we’ll avoid the brunt of things – but do expect some rain at times, it to be often windy and also for it to be mild more than not.

I doubt it will take very long for high pressure to our south to become more influential, so for the last week of February we’ll probably go back to a similar pattern to this week, with small chances of something briefly spring-like.

Still expecting a very pleasant March.

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