Monday 7th December 2020

It reached just 1.3’C today. It stays fairly cold this week though temperatures gradually recovering to normal by the weekend as weather fronts try to push in from the west.

Thanks to Clare for the photograph.

This evening is interesting – cloudy and misty but also some showers are developing over the Reading & London area – currently of rain but certainly feasible they could turn to sleet or snow before midnight. Otherwise fog will form in places – not everywhere, and temperatures dropping to around 0’C, but a few more places, especially more sheltered spots perhaps down to -3’C.

For Tuesday we are still stuck under this enlarged low pressure trough with fairly cold air in place.

It starts cloudy, with fog in places. The sun should break through to give some decent sunny spells for most areas – still a small chance of staying dull and misty, but most places should see some decent sunny spells. Still rather cold, 5’C. Some showery rain spreading down from the north-west in the evening and overnight – not especially much rain – a small chance of a bit of sleet mixed in, but it should be rain. Down to around 2’C.

Wednesday starts cloudy, perhaps still a little bit of rain around. This will clear east to be replaced by sunny spells, though this becoming hazier as the afternoon goes on. 6’C. A weather front will bring outbreaks of rain across overnight – but it will be squeezed by the large high pressure block to our east, and pushed south – rainfall amounts uncertain. Around 5’C.

Thursday will be mostly cloudy. Still a bit of rain possible early morning as the weather front continues to be squeezed out of existence. A bit of brightness possible also as the day goes on. Around 7’C. Cloudy overnight as another weather front crosses and brings some rain, probably a bit heavier this time. Around 6’C.

Friday likely still has the overnight weather front around, so starting cloudy with some rain. This should push east to leave sunny spells, but a chance of showers also. Around 8’C. Cloudy overnight, the odd shower still possible, around 4’C.

Lower confidence for Saturday, but most likely rather cloudy – some bits of light rain possible, and a few sunny spells also. Around 9’C. Clear spells overnight and chilly.

Sunday starts bright with sunny spells. Low pressure will bring wind and rain later in the day, with milder air flowing in after – we may reach 12’C overnight.

Next week likely starts mild with wind and rain at times, though not a total washout.

Probably trending drier for the weekend before Christmas, or even by the end of next week.

Uncertain for Christmas week at this stage, but a fair chance of colder then normal weather again…I make it the slight favourite, though whether that is cold and frosty, or cold with wintry showers is way too early.

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