Monday 6th September 2021

OMG. It’s sunny. It’s hot. And you have another two days of this to go.

Thanks to Tara for the photograph.

Clear skies overnight and a fairly warm night, down to around 16’C. One or two patches of mist or fog by dawn.

Any mist/fog patches will quickly clear on Tuesday to leave glorious sunshine all day. Did I mention that I’ve got the day off? Hot, 28’C, maybe 29’C. Clear skies overnight and a warm night, eventually down to 17’C.

Wednesday sees low pressure approach though we’ll have some more hot sunshine first.

Glorious sunshine in the morning and a fair portion of the afternoon, cloud bubbling up from around mid-afternoon. 28’C should be achievable, though dependent on when cloud starts to arrive. A band of showers will cross at some point during the evening, perhaps heavy and thundery though uncertain at this stage. Another warm night, around 18’C.

Thursday sees a slack area of low pressure in charge. Basically sunshine and showers, though likely more cloud than sunshine overall, especially in the morning. Showers possible at any point, no guarantee of catching one but most likely you’ll get a few – they could be heavy/very heavy with a small chance of thunder. Still a warm feel, 22’C. Mostly cloudy overnight, one or two scattered showers and still on the warm side – no lower than 17’C.

Friday will be very similar, overall more cloud than sun but there will be sunny spells, especially in the afternoon. Some showers breaking out, they could be heavy. Still on the warm side, 22’C. Fairly cloudy overnight, down to around 15’C.

By Saturday, high pressure looks like it will be building in from the west – as we’ve seen recently it isn’t the sunniest or warmest position for it to be. That said, it looks reasonable, more cloud than sunshine overall, more cloud in the morning, more sunshine in the afternoon and a small chance of a light shower. Around 21’C. Variable cloud overnight, down to around 13’C.

Sunday will see high pressure in charge, but a northerly breeze may cool it down. Uncertainty on cloud amounts but more likely more cloud than sunshine, but still some reasonable sunny spells. Likewise on temperatures, somewhere closer to 18’C looks more likely, but it could be a few degrees either way.

Next week should start with high pressure in control, though positioning to be determined and it is really too early to have any thoughts on cloud amounts and temperatures. But settled is the theme.

Low confidence for the rest of next week due to the uncertain of Hurricane Larry’s track and the effects that might have on the jetstream for next week – slightly more likely that high pressure hangs on for a couple more days, perhaps becoming very warm/quite hot, with something more changeable from around the weekend. But could easily go unsettled instead.

Overall the second half of September looks like being warmer than normal, some wind/rain/showers at times after mid-month, and hints for drier conditions towards the end of September once more – potentially a pleasant finish and start to October.

I do wonder if September’s average temperature might be warmer than August’s?

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