Monday 6th December 2021

Fairly cold and unsettled – with some strong winds on Tuesday from Storm Barra.

Thanks to Sara for the sunrise rainbow – quite unusual!

Clear skies tonight with a frost forming, down to around -1’C. Some high/medium level cloud by dawn as Storm Barra approaches.

Tuesday sees Storm Barra arrive – nothing too unusual but still rather potent.

It will start bright but cloud will thicken with rain from around 11am, there will be around 5 hours of persistent rain, some heavy – probably some brief very heavy rain towards the end of the band. Winds will be strong, and gusting close to 50mph for an hour or two towards the end of the rain band – enough for the odd fence panel to come down, that kind of thing. Around 8’C. Clear spells and lighter winds for a time in the evening, but the wind becoming strong again overnight, with a few showers too, down to around 5’C.

Wednesday sees Storm Barra stuck over the UK – unable to progress any further east due to the high pressure block over Scandinavia. Quite a lot of cloud, some showers at times, some sunny spells and windy too – though winds slowly easing as the system decays. 6’C. Fairly cloudy overnight, some clear spells, chance of a shower, 5’C.

Thursday looks fairly cloudy – probably dry, some sunshine possible at times. Around 6’C. A band of showery rain crossing overnight, down to around 4’C in a north-westerly wind.

A bit of uncertainty as to how quickly the rain clears on Friday, the most likely outcome is that it will have cleared by dawn but there is a smallish chance that it hangs on for a bit. Sunny spells will follow, but feeling pretty cold in a north-westerly wind, around 5’C. Clear spells for a time in the evening/overnight – cloud thickening from the west as the night goes on. Around 0’C with a frost in places.

Saturday starts dry, probably bright. Another weather front will bring some rain in the afternoon – though timing and amounts uncertain. 6’C. Rain continuing in the evening and overnight – clearing at some unknown point. Likely milder overnight, say 10’C.

Sunday looks mild and probably rather cloudy, around 11’C.

Next week likely sees the jetstream head north as high pressure builds from the south/east.

Starting milder, some rain and wind possible at times though the bulk of the effects from low pressure systems will increasingly be over the north of the UK.

Generally lots of cloud around, mist/fog possible overnight especially from midweek onwards next week.

High pressure likely to dominate towards Christmas…and it should turn colder once more.

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