Monday 5th September 2022

Low pressure is sat close to the west of the UK – so plenty of heavy showers ahead, but also warm with some sunny spells at times too.

Thanks to Jo for the photograph – not very close to describing the weather ahead, but hey. Clearly need more showers.

This evening starts dry, but an area of heavy/very heavy showers will move through later this evening, perhaps with thunder too – as usual for showers, some places missing out and staying dry. Some clear spells after this, and dropping to around 15’C.

Tuesday continues to see low pressure sat close to our west, cut off from the jetstream with no reason to move.

Heavy showers possible from not long after dawn, and this continues all day – most places catching several heavy showers, possibly very heavy with hail and/or thunder, a small chance of some notably strong gusts of wind too. Suggestions of a cluster of heavy showers both late morning and late afternoon, but take this as a rough guide – showers possible at any point. Fairly warm still, some sunshine in between showers, 21’C or so. Variable cloud overnight, the odd heavy shower still possible and down to around 14’C.

Wednesday again looks fairly cloudy with plenty of heavy showers, pretty much from the go. Showers could be very heavy, hail and/or thunder possible – a suggestion of less showers for late afternoon and the evening, but that doesn’t mean no showers. Most places should catch a few showers, but you could stay dry – and all should see at least some sunny spells, if hazy. Reaching around 21’C. Further heavy showers possible overnight, some clear spells, down to around 14’C.

Thursday sees lots of heavy showers once more, as low pressure creeps slowly further east. Some sunny spells, but the main story is the heavy/very heavy showers once more, most places getting several showers throughout the day – hail and/or thunder possible. Temperatures down a notch, say 20’C. Showers likely fade overnight, some clear spells for a time but becoming cloudy as the night goes on, a small chance of some mist/fog by dawn. 14’C.

By Friday, our low pressure is fading somewhat, and now centred over East Anglia – very slowly drifting east.

Plenty of cloud and plenty of heavy/very heavy showers breaking out once more – most places catching a few showers though I wouldn’t rule out the chance of missing them all. Hail and/or thunder again possible. Some limited sunny spells at times, reaching around 20’C. Showers mostly fading overnight, though perhaps some lightish showers around, down to around 14’C.

Saturday should be a reasonable day – showers all week than mostly dry at the weekend, how blessed has the weather been this year?! Plenty of cloud around in the morning, the odd shower possible still but they shouldn’t be heavy. Sunshine amounts should increase in the afternoon and we’ll reach around 22’C. Clear skies overnight, though fog may form in places towards dawn, down to around 12’C.

Sunday becomes more uncertain due to the behaviour of (what will be) ex-hurricane Danielle, to our west.

Maybe the slightly more likely outcome is that she’s to our west and helps push warmer air north, so we get a pleasant day, with temperatures around 24’C, maybe more, with sunshine or hazy sunshine.

But very low confidence. She could easily push across the UK as an ex-hurricane, bringing wind and rain instead.

And there isn’t much point in going any further, until we know what she does.

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