Monday 5th July 2021

Some sun, some cloud, some showers and getting a bit warmer.  Not a summer classic, but it could be worse.

Thanks to myself for the photograph – I was just passing through though.

This evening sees rain spreading up from the south, heavy at times, especially around an hour either side of midnight, briefly dry before further heavy/very heavy showers push up from the south-west, a rumble of thunder possible. Quite windy, temperatures around 14’C.

Tuesday still sees low pressure in control, over the UK but starting to shift north.

Some sunshine at times, but plenty of cloud and lots of heavy showers, a rumble of thunder possible. Temperatures disappointing for July at around 19’C and windy for the time of year too. Showers less likely in the evening – but still one or two isolated heavy showers. Plenty of cloud overnight, a few clear spells, 12’C.

Wednesday will be similar, but a bit more sunshine and a few less heavy showers – yet still plenty of heavy showers around, and a rumble of thunder possible too. Showers tending to become less frequent later in the afternoon and in the evening, and less likely to be heavy. We should squeeze 20’C, maybe 21’C. Some clear spells overnight, down to around 11’C.

Thursday improves a tad more. Sunny spells, quite a lot of fair weather cloud around also, some scattered showers – some places will stay dry, others will catch one or more showers which could be light or heavy. Warm, 22’C – maybe 23’C. Clear spells overnight, down to around 13’C.

By Friday we are in this kind of no overall control situation which we’ve had a few times – which risks weak low pressure troughs developing – very similar to two weeks ago. Both the Azores High and Russian High are too far away to influence at the moment.

That said, Friday should be quite reasonable. Sunny spells at times, more likely in the morning – tending to be more cloud in the afternoon though how much is uncertain at the moment, perhaps rather cloudy if I’m forced to choose. Warm with a small chance of a shower, around 22’C, give or take. Rain possible overnight…

So as I mentioned, this no overall control situation may lead to another trough incoming for the weekend…joy. But at the moment this is uncertain, but a little more likely than not.

This would lead to some rain either Friday night or during Saturday – you can hope for Friday night, which would leave sunshine and showers for Saturday, though even Saturday morning rain would likely clear to showers in the afternoon.

Sunday would then likely be sunshine and showers.

So not the most amazing week/weekend ever for July and annoyingly uncertain for an important weekend, but also not a total washout either. Next week should see more influence from high pressure building from the Azores, though I feel like I said the same last Monday (I actually said it was too close to call).

I’ll be back on Thursday…well…depending on how much I celebrate/commiserate a semi-final.

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