Monday 5th December 2022

It’s the coldest forecast for some time…probably since February/March 2018. But I still cannot promise you any snow.

Thanks to Louise for the photograph.

Tonight will be mostly cloudy at first, the odd light shower possible. Some clear spells as the night goes on, but still plenty of cloud around. Down to around 2’C.

Tuesday sees a northerly flow set up – high pressure over Greenland, low pressure over Scandinavia.

A mixture of sunny spells and cloudy spells – likely more sunshine through the middle portion of the day, but certainly more sunshine than recent days. Fairly cold in the northerly breeze, 6’C, maybe 7’C at a push. Some cloud overnight but probably enough clear spells for a frost for most, down to around 0’C.

Wednesday sees some cloud, some sunny spells in the morning – generally increasing amounts of sunshine as the day goes on. 4’C in the northerly breeze. Clear skies overnight with a fairly sharp frost, down to around -4’C, give or take – I wouldn’t be surprised to see -7’C in the very most sheltered spots.

Thursday starts sunny but frosty. A little feature may develop and sink south, but this is uncertain – should it develop, and should it track our way, it could bring a slight covering of snow, say 1cm or so – but highly uncertain whether it develops, where it tracks or the timing. Cold, 2’C. Overnight still has the risk of this little feature, otherwise cold and frosty, roughly down to around -4’C, but that’s a vague figure. Fog possible.

A little uncertainty on details for Friday. There may be some low cloud or fog to start the day, this should clear to sunny spells – but no certainty. Assuming sunshine, we should reach 2’C – but if it stays cloudy/foggy – or there is some snow cover from Thursday’s possible little feature, then 0’C more likely. Widely down to around -4’C so a widespread and fairly sharp frost – even lower in sheltered spots. Fog may form in places.

By Saturday we have a weak trough over us, but also note a tropical (ish) storm over The Azores – very unusual for December, but then again this whole set-up is unusual.

The low pressure trough does mean that there is a chance of one or two little features across the UK, bringing some (probably) snow, but impossible to predict where at this stage. So, otherwise expect sunny spells and temperatures around 2’C, maybe 3’C – though close to 0’C should overnight fog not clear. Another fairly sharp frost likely overnight, down to around -4’C, maybe lower, especially in more sheltered spots. Again, fog may form in places.

The above pretty much applies for Sunday and Monday also. If the sun comes out then reaching around 2’C, maybe 3’C, but if it remains foggy all day, then closer to 0’C. Again, small chances of a little feature bringing some snow, but they would be rather localised features and impossible to say anything other than “small chances somewhere” right now. Sharp frosts, and fog overnight.

That’s about as far as I can go. Towards the middle of next week, the aforementioned Azores tropical-ish storm may be attempting to head our way – it could stay well to our south (the slightly more likely outcome), so we stay cold with fog/frost, it could come north enough to bring a spell of heavy snow for us, or maybe heavy snow turning to rain – or it may push towards the north of Scotland, potentially again a snow to rain event, but turning milder for a time after.

Don’t forget that my winter forecast was issued yesterday. And the next full forecast will probably be on Friday, due to Christmas party season.

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