Monday 4th October 2021

One more unsettled day, before it becomes dry and warmer – thanks to Hurricane Sam.

No photograph because Facebook is down so I cannot access them. I wonder if more of you will make it to this website than normal?!

This evening becomes cloudy with heavy rain arriving around 11pm, give or take, with around 4-6 hours of heavy and at times very heavy rain. Quite windy for a time with temperatures around 11’C.

Tuesday sees low pressure in control.

The bulk of the rain will be further north, but it will be fairly cloudy with a few showers – some sunny spells at times too. Cool and windy, around 14’C. Fairly cloudy overnight, perhaps a little patchy rain late evening as the weather front to our north edges south-east, but more likely we’ll stay dry. Becoming clear later overnight, staying windy, around 8’C.

Wednesday sees high pressure nudge in from the south-west. Long spells of sunshine all day, a bit of fair weather cloud floating around and temperatures around 16’C. Uncertainty on cloud amounts overnight, more likely clear and chilly, down to around 6’C – but a risk of some low cloud forming and something milder.

Thursday sees the warmer air arrive, though there will be areas of low cloud at times – so a mixture of sunny spells and cloudy spells, probably more cloud than sunshine overall. Around 19’C in a south-westerly breeze. Some clear spells possible at first overnight, though low cloud will develop, and possibly fog by dawn. Somewhere around 12’C.

For Friday we will remain in the warm flow, thanks to Hurricane Sam (ex-hurricane at this point), which will be south-west of Iceland.

It will take a while for low cloud to break up – and it may not do. I’m hopeful for some sunshine in the afternoon and volumes will determine maximum temperatures – somewhere between 17’C and 20’C. Low cloud likely forming overnight, fog possible by dawn, around 12’C.

Similarly for Saturday, possibly foggy to start, likely cloudy. It will again take some time to break up, it may not do, but I’m hopeful for some sunny spells and temperatures around 18’C. Low cloud and fog may form overnight once more.

A bit more hopeful for sunshine on Sunday as high pressure manoeuvres slightly further west. Still probably rather cloudy in the morning, but as the day goes on it should become sunnier, with temperatures around 19’C. Likely clearer skies overnight and chilly, say 8’C.

Monday probably fairly sunny, Tuesday probably fairly cloudy – a more northerly flow setting in so becoming notably cooler by Tuesday.

High pressure is likely to stay in charge for much of October, at least until after mid-month with it being mostly dry, sometimes sunny though sometimes cloudy, overnight fog possible – more likely warmer (well…milder) than normal but that will depend on exact positioning of high pressure.

In the latter third of October, some more showers/bands of rain likely, but still more dry days than not.

I’m still unusually confident for both November and December to be colder and drier than normal.

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