Monday 4th May 2020

A mostly pleasant week ahead of us – and rather warm by the end of the week too…a couple of days have a chance of a shower. Quite a change from Sunday though – we could even see some frost next week, and I wouldn’t totally rule out…nah I won’t say it.

Thanks for the variety of photographs this week – and to Jo who’s I chose. And it is nice and wide so fits my website’s image heading perfectly!

Tonight will see clear spells, though high cloud building towards dawn. Down to around 7’C and becoming a little windy.

Tuesday sees a weakening band of rain trying to push up from the south, against a block of high pressure over the north of the UK. The rain should stay to the south – likewise the clear sunshine will be to our north, and we’ll be in this zone of often cloudy but bright weather – perhaps some longer spells of sunshine in the afternoon at times, but that is uncertain. Breezy and not especially warm, 15’C at best. Some clear spells overnight – the band of cloud continuing to break up. 8’C.

Wednesday sees high pressure more firmly in charge – pretty much centred just to out north-east.

There will be good spells of sunshine – some cloud around at times. 18’C, maybe 19’C is achieveable. Mostly clear overnight, down to around 6’C.

Thursday will be very warm with good spells of sunshine. There will be some fair-weather cloud along with generally increasing high cloud in the afternoon. There is a very small chance of a heavy shower in the afternoon, say 5% chance – they should remain to our west. 22’C, perhaps a tad more. High cloud overnight, 9’C.

Friday will be a tad warmer though arguably a bit more cloud around. The main story is still sunny spells, but some cloud at times. A small chance of an afternoon shower, say 10% chance at most. Around 23’C. Variable cloud overnight, 10’C.

Saturday see further sunny spells. Some cloud will bubble up with one or two scattered heavy showers – around a 20% chance. Very warm again, around 23’C. Probably rather cloudy overnight – a small chance of rain but uncertain.

Sunday then sees much colder air spread south – I believe due to the annual final warming event in the stratosphere – yes the strong polar vortex which gave us such an unrelenting mild and wet winter will have died until autumn.

Sunday’s weather is still otherwise uncertain, and will depend on how close the low pressure over Spain/France is to us. It could be rather wet, rather cloudy or sunny with the odd shower. Temperatures likely to be around 10’C – give or take a few. Not totally impossible for some wintry precipitation to be mixed in.

Monday looks a rather cold day in a northerly wind. Uncertain otherwise – I’m not expecting rain, but a chance of showers (not impossible to be on the wintry side), sunshine/cloud amounts uncertain at this stage. 10’C. Chilly overnight – a frost possible, depending on how clear skies are.

Uncertain where we go for the rest of next week. We could see high pressure build from the west, with average temperatures at best, but slightly below-average more likely. Or we could continue the cold northerly flow for a few days.

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