Monday 3rd June 2024

Well, I hope you enjoyed your day of summer yesterday. A fairly dry but often cloudy and cooler week ahead…some sunshine on some days so not too bad overall.

Thanks to Isabel for the photograph.

The general set up to start the week sees high pressure to our west, in control of things and keeping things settled – though low pressure is waiting to our north.

Monday will be fairly cloudy as a weak weather front slowly makes its way south. Bright at times, especially earlier with some hazy sunshine. Cloud tending to be thicker as the day goes on, perhaps a spot of drizzle. Reaching around 20’C. Mostly cloudy overnight and a mild night at 14’C.

Tuesday starts with some sunny spells, some cloud. Cloud will thicken from the west during the morning as another weak weather front crosses – most of the time it will remain dry, but likely a little bit of showery rain at some points. Still reaching to around 21’C. Cloud clearing in the evening to leave clear skies, slightly chilly for the time of year – down to around 7’C.

Wednesday sees cooler air having spread down, though relatively pleasant otherwise with sunny spells and fair-weather cloud. Around 16’C, maybe 17’C – quite notably below normal, in a north-westerly breeze. Clear spells and a little bit chilly overnight, down to around 6’C.

By Thursday we are still under the influence of the low pressure to our north driving cooler conditions – though far enough away to stay dry. The hot air trying to push up from Spain isn’t getting here.

Again sunny spells with plenty of fair-weather cloud, probably more cloud than sun overall, but a decent enough day. Around 18’C – though potentially a couple either side. Mostly clear skies overnight and down to around 8’C.

Friday looks like seeing another weak weather front in the morning – so fairly cloudy with a chance of a shower, sunny spells and fair-weather cloud following. Temperatures somewhere between 17’C and 20’C. Clear skies likely overnight, down to around 8’C.

Some details uncertain for the weekend, but broadly it looks settled with high pressure again trying to move in from the west, but low pressure still fairly close to our north-east and at least driving temperatures to be cooler than normal, if still likely dry.

So broadly speaking, Saturday and Sunday both more likely dry (I don’t totally rule out a light/moderate shower), a mixture of cloudy spells and sunny spells, and roughly around 18’C.

Next week probably starts dry, perhaps becoming warmer and sunnier too.

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