Monday 31st October 2022

Mild and quite unsettled, with wind and rain at times.

And the clocks have gone back so the models are out an hour earlier – woohoo! Shame about the darkness, but you cannot have everything in life.

This evening and the first part of the night sees heavy showers moving up from the south/south-west. A short spell of strong winds as it clears around 3/4am, with clear skies to follow. No lower than 10’C.

For Tuesday we are in a more westerly flow.

Generally the picture is for some sunny spells, but plenty of blustery showers, likely on the heavy side. Hail and/or thunder possible. Quite windy, particularly in the morning, reaching around 15’C. Showers continuing into the evening, but they will fade. Skies clearing and temperatures dropping to around 6’C.

Wednesday starts sunny. Cloud will gradually thicken during the day, the wind will become strong during the afternoon, with showery rain arriving by late afternoon – some heavy bursts likely. Around 14’C. Showery rain continuing through the evening – some uncertainty overnight, though the more likely outcome sees the showery rain clear for a short while, before further rain pushes up from the south-west later in the night – however this secondary area could be further east, and miss us. More likely, we see this second area. Winds will lighten as the night goes on, and temperatures drop to around 10’C.

Thursday is uncertain due to that aforementioned secondary area of rain. So the slightly more likely outcome sees rain during the morning, slowly clearing during the afternoon and temperatures around 10’C – the slightly less likely outcome is sunny spells and scattered showers, around 13’C. Uncertain overnight, though the slightly more likely outcome sees clear skies and temperatures down to around 5’C – the slightly less likely outcome sees an area of showers.

Friday sees a ridge of high pressure over the UK, so a pleasant day, if a little on the cool side in a northerly breeze – 12’C. Otherwise, sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud. Clear skies overnight and quite cold, down to around 2’C – more sheltered spots maybe getting to 0’C. A frost in places and perhaps a few fog patches too.

Saturday starts bright with sunny spells, though it will become hazier. A weakening band of rain crossing at some point, either afternoon or evening, more likely with light or moderate rain. Around 13’C. Uncertain overnight, but rain possible.

Sunday is uncertain. The slightly more likely outcome sees sunny spells and a small chance of a shower – the slightly less likely outcome sees a spell of rain.

Next week likely at least starts quite unsettled, with further rain/showers and wind at times. It should become drier and cooler/colder by around mid-November, on current trends.

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