Monday 31st May 2021

You could say summer has started.

It will remain very warm this week – not completely glorious as there will be some cloud at times, and some showers – more likely second part of the week. But still, it is summer as we expect in the UK.

Thanks to Cari for the sunny photograph.

Tonight sees mostly clear skies in a light southerly breeze, down to around 12’C.

Tuesday sees a large area of high pressure over Scandinavia which is ruling our weather – though a developing area of low pressure over Spain/France will start to push north.

It will be sunny day all – a little fair weather cloud possible along with some high cloud later in the day. Very warm, 25’C. High cloud overnight, down to around 12’C.

Wednesday sees that small area of low pressure track north to give some complications. It will be another very warm day, hazy sunshine in the morning, somewhat thicker cloud in the afternoon but still bright. A small chance of a shower in the afternoon, a moderate chance of a shower or some showery rain in the evening, perhaps heavy and a very small chance of thunder – temperatures reaching somewhere between 25’C and 27’C. Variable cloud overnight, down to around 14’C.

Thursday may start rather cloudy and misty, but this should break up fairly quickly to leave sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud. A chance of a heavy shower in the afternoon, say around a 20% chance but more likely they won’t develop. Warm, around 21’C – give or take. Reasonably clear skies overnight – though there is a small chance that earlier thunderstorms over France may bring something cloudier with a bit of rain. Down to around 12’C – give or take.

The most likely outcome for Friday sees sunny spells and variable amounts of fair weather cloud. Warm – around 20’C. There is a small chance instead, say around a 10% chance, of importing some heavy and thundery rain from France – not likely as it should be well to our east, but worth mentioning as it would be completely different from my current expectations! Mostly clear overnight, down to around 10’C.

Saturday sees high pressure in reasonable control. The most likely outcome sees some sunny spells, probably quite a bit of cloud around but overall pleasant and warmer again, around 22’C – perhaps more. Clear spells overnight, down to around 12’C.

Sunday most likely remains fair, with sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud – both fair weather cloud and high cloud. A small chance of an afternoon shower, temperatures around 22’C, give or take. Around 12’C overnight.

Most likely high pressure remains in control next week – it should stay warm or very warm, and often sunny. Cannot rule out some heavy, perhaps thundery afternoon showers at times – the expected build of high pressure isn’t quite strong enough to rule it out. But broadly – summer as we know it in the UK.

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