Monday 31st January 2022

Guess what? High pressure is still on control. I’ll likely be saying the same all through February. And March. And April. Maybe even longer. Perhaps no bad thing but eventually people will want some rain!

Subtle differences as it is a bit further south than it has been during most of January, so remnants of weather fronts will track south every 2-3 days, bringing bits of rain and a change of air mass from quite mild to quite cold, and vice-versa.

Clear spells to start the evening, but it will cloud over, with some light rain after midnight, down to around 5’C.

February starts with high pressure close to our south-west, with a fair north-westerly wind.

The overnight weather front will have introduced milder air, and it will reach around 12’C. Mostly cloudy, a little brightness in the afternoon, the odd splash of light rain possible, and quite windy. Not much change overnight, mostly cloudy, the odd splash of light rain possible, down to around 9’C.

Wednesday will see some sunny spells. Still some cloud at times, more likely in the afternoon. Around 11’C – notably breezy in the morning, light winds by dusk. Quite a lot of cloud overnight, though some clear breaks. Down to around 6’C.

Thursday starts pretty cloudy. Gradually sunshine amounts will increase, particularly by late afternoon, though always bit of cloud around. A small chance of a shower, 11’C and becoming breezy later. A band of rain spreading down from the north-west either mid/late evening or first part of the night – 2-3 hours of rain, and more moderate than light, and windy during the rain too. Clear spells and colder air will follow, down to around 1’C in a fair breeze.

For Friday we are still in this north-westerly flow, but with colder air.

Plenty of sunshine, some fair weather cloud in the afternoon with a small chance of a stray shower in the wind. 7’C and the wind fairly strong so feeling cold. Clear skies overnight and the wind slowly easing. Probably too windy for a frost, but a close call, down to around 2’C.

Saturday sees more sunny spells. Some cloud at times, perhaps quite a bit in the afternoon. The wind turning more westerly and a bit lighter, so feeling less cold, 8’C. Probably fairly cloudy overnight.

Sunday is broadly more of the same, though details uncertain at this stage. Possibly a weak weather front might bring a little patchy rain, more likely there is more cloud than sunshine overall, and temperatures around 10’C, give or take – but take those details with the vagueness it is meant with.

Suggestions of a more south-westerly flow to start next week, so milder – and, of course, dry or mostly so. Probably a tad too mild for overnight frosts, but still a while away and exact positioning of high pressure still to be determined.

Perhaps mid-month might see high pressure further north, say over the UK rather than to the south, which would increase the chance of overnight frost.

Maybe we’ll even see something close to spring-like by the end of February.

March I remain confident will be sunnier, drier and warmer than normal – April I’m becoming convinced of sunnier and drier than normal…not yet convinced of warmer than normal but certainly a fair chance.

Could spring 2022 even beat the glorious (well…weather-wise) 2020?

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