Monday 31st August 2020

Today is the last day of summer yet there will be more sunshine to come. Nothing especially warm in the forecast, and a bit of rain, but overall fairly respectable.

Thanks to JoJo for the photograph.

Tonight will see variable cloud amounts, temperatures down to around 10’C.

For Tuesday (and the week in general) we have a similar pattern to July, low pressure fairly close to out north, but the Azores High ridging in to give us pleasant if unspectacular weather.

Tuesday morning sees sunny spells. More cloud from lunchtime onwards but still some bright weather at times. Around 19’C, maybe squeezing 20’C. Variable cloud overnight and not as cool as late, 12’C.

Wednesday morning sees sunny spells once more. And again more cloud bubbling up in the afternoon, and generally becoming hazy later in the day as a weak weather front crosses – which will bring the odd splash of rain in the evening, but very patchy. Warm, 22’C. Cloudy overnight, a bit of occasional light rain or drizzle, mild, 16’C.

Thursday is a mostly cloudy day with this weather front struggling to clear south. A bit of light rain at times, but overall amounts minimal. Probably sunny to end the day, depending on when the weather front clears, and the odd glimmer of brightness at other times. On the warm side, breezy, 21’C. Variable cloud overnight, 14’C.

Friday is uncertain. An area of rain should develop, associated with our earlier weather front and push north, but whether it gets this far north is uncertain – otherwise bright with sunny spells. Kinda 50/50 call at the moment. Around 19’C.

Saturday sees more of a north-westerly flow, so temperatures dropping to around 17’C, maybe 18’C. Sunny spells though, some cloud, a small chance of a light/moderate shower. Probably quite chilly overnight.

Sunday sees a bit more of a northerly flow, nothing especially marked. Some sunny spells, a fair amount of cloud and a greater chance of showers. Around 17’C.

Next week should see the Azores High take more control over the UK, and allow something warmer with more sunshine for at least the start of the week.

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