Monday 30th August 2021

High pressure will remain in control this week. Plenty of cloud, but some sun – uncertainty remains over how much cloud on a day to day basis so don’t be too surprised if there is significantly more or less cloud then I forecast below.

Uncertainty also remains as to when the high pressure will be replaced by low pressure – we should squeeze a nice Saturday in, probably not Sunday.

Thanks to Emma for the photograph.

Tonight will be mostly cloudy with temperatures around 13’C.

Tuesday sees high pressure still in control to our north-west, with the north-easterly breeze continuing this flow of cloud from the North Sea.

So. Cloudy. Again. There is hope for some sunny spells later in the afternoon and evening, so it should finish pleasant. Around 20’C and breezy. Cloudy overnight, 13’C.

Wednesday will be cloudy. Perhaps a bit of sunshine at times, more likely later in the afternoon, but overall it should be cloudy. Around 19’C, perhaps a shade less. Mostly cloudy overnight, around 13’C.

Thursday will be…cloudy. Perhaps a bit of sunshine at times, any breaks more likely early part of the morning and late afternoon onwards, but mostly it will be cloudy. Around 19’C, perhaps a shade less. Mostly cloudy overnight, around 13’C.

Friday looks rather cloudy but there is more hope for some sunshine, more likely early morning and late afternoon onwards. A bit more uncertainty by Friday so I wouldn’t rule out a mostly sunny day, but mostly cloudy is more likely. It should feel warmer as we will have lost the cloud-generating north-easterly breeze, 21’C. Some cloudy spells, some clear spells overnight, down to around 12’C.

For Saturday, high pressure is starting to lose its grip on our weather, which given all the cloud it has brought us, I’m rather up for some more rain instead.

However, Saturday should stay dry, though likely more cloud than sunshine, there should be some sunny spells, especially in the afternoon. Warm, around 22’C – I wouldn’t rule out something warmer and sunnier, it is possible. A very small chance of a shower later, say 5% chance. Clear spells overnight, around 13’C.

The more likely outcome for Sunday sees low pressure push in from the west, bringing heavy showers or heavy rain. Warmish. 19’C.

A mixed week more likely next week, some heavy showers/general rain at times, but also some dry weather and possibly even some sunshine. Temperatures likely quite mixed too, some warmth, some slight coolness, some averageness. Low confidence though.

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