Monday 2nd November 2020

High pressure will be taking control this week. It feels like it is quite a while since I’ve said that.

Thanks to Paul for the nice and wide photograph!

Clear spells and quite chilly for the first part of the night, down to around 6’C, with a small area of heavy rain arriving later in the night, say around 4am give or take.

Tuesday starts with heavy rain but this soon clears east to leave sunny spells, fair weather cloud and a small chance of a lightish shower in a cool north-westerly breeze. 10’C. Clear skies overnight and lighter winds, temperatures dropping close to 0’C for the first time this season – a frost in places and one or two fog patches by dawn.

Wednesday sees high pressure to the west, extending over the UK.

Any early fog patches will soon clear, followed by good sunny spells and some fair weather cloud. 11’C at a push. A fairly cold night again overnight, around 2’C – fog forming quite widely overnight though not everywhere, and most places not quite cold enough for a frost, but some sheltered and non-foggy spots will.

Thursday starts foggy, probably quite widely. Uncertainty over how long it takes the fog to clear – once it does it should become sunny, for some it may stay foggy until lunchtime, for others it might not even start foggy or will soon clear. So maximum temperatures between 6’C and 10’C depending on how quickly (and if) fog clears. Potential for fog to form again at night – but uncertain, it will be chilly, down to around 3’C – give or take a couple of degrees.

By Friday high pressure has moved to our east and allows a milder flow to pick up once more.

It may start foggy but it should lift into long sunny spells quicker than on Thursday, to bring a pleasant day. Around 11’C with a breeze picking up later. Clear spells overnight, down to around 3’C. A much lower risk of fog, but cannot be ruled out.

Saturday starts sunny (assuming no fog). High cloud will build during the day, and it will become rather cloudy to end, albeit still fairly bright. Milder in a southerly flow, around 13’C. A chance of rain overnight as weather fronts start to spread up from the south – but uncertain at this stage.

Exact details for Sunday are uncertain, though broadly speaking it will be mild with a decent chance of either showers or general showery rain, due to low pressure close to our south-west.

Monday also looks mild but with showers or showery rain.

From midweek next week it looks like high pressure will build again close to the UK – perhaps over the UK but more likely to the east, or possible even north-east. Fog and frost possibilities, generally dry conditions – sunshine amounts and temperatures uncertain at this stage.

Certainly possible that it could become rather cold – a notable cold spell in either the second half of November or some point December is a realistic solution with the current state of the general hemispheric pattern. But don’t get excited yet…it could very easily just end up weeks of chilly and often cloudy weather. We’ll see.

Enjoy your last days of freedom…again.

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