Monday 2nd May 2022

A mixed week ahead, but warmer and with some scattered heavy showers.

Yes, it’s a rare morning forecast as I may have had too much fun yesterday and I really cannot see me having the energy for writing this this evening. Oops.

Thanks to Jo for the photograph.

Today is fairly cloudy but there will be some sunny breaks this afternoon. A small chance of a shower but most likely staying dry, reaching around 16’C. Fairly cloudy overnight, a few breaks in the cloudy and around 9’C.

The general picture for Tuesday sees high pressure trying to nudge in from the south-west, and low pressure trying to push in towards the north-west.

Fairly cloudy in the morning, some bright spells, the odd shower dotted around too. From roughly lunchtime onwards, there will be more in the way of sunny spells but plenty of cloud too – and a few heavy showers will break out, say a 40% chance of catching one or two. Reaching around 17’C. Generally fairly cloudy overnight, showers still possible in the evening and first part of the night – no lower than 10’C.

Wednesday starts rather cloudy but some brightness. Some sunny spells will develop but there will be plenty of heavy showers around – some places may miss them, but more likely you will catch a few. Heavy, possibly very heavy with a thunder and/or hail possible. Warmer, 19’C. Variable cloud overnight, down to around 8’C.

Thursday sees the high pressure creeping across the south, so we cut off the shower chance.

Likely a lot of high cloud, so hazy sunshine, and a fair amount of fair weather cloud bubbling up too – but a pretty pleasant way and warm too, 20’C seems feasible. Clear spells overnight, down to around 9’C.

Friday likely starts with hazy sunshine. A bit of uncertainty on details following, but more likely it becomes mostly cloudy for a spell before then becoming sunnier for a while. However a weak weather front does look like it will spread south at some point, perhaps during the day but more likely evening or overnight, bring a bit of rain. Around 19’C.

Saturday should see high pressure back in control, somewhere roughly over the UK or slightly to our west.

Some cloud, some sunshine, a small chance of a shower and temperatures more likely around 18’C – give or take, though I wouldn’t rule out something a bit cooler, say 14’C. A cooler night with an outside chance of a frost in sheltered spots, but more likely around 5’C ish.

Sunday looks similar – some cloud at times, some sunny spells also, and temperatures more likely around 18’C, give or take.

Next week likely sees two changes – the Atlantic continuing to wake up and trying to push low pressure systems towards the UK, but also much warmer air trying to push up from the south.

We could end up at either extreme, ie an unsettled and fairly cool week – or a very warm and fairly sunny week (the latter is more likely), or maybe somewhere in between – a couple of very warm days followed by a couple of showery days (or vice versa).

Certainly plausible that it could even become quite hot, say mid 20’s upwards.

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