Monday 2nd January 2023

Happy New Year, I guess! Very much back to normal in terms of weather, with the jetstream heading towards the UK – bands of rain some days, sunshine other days.

Thanks to Chris for the photograph.

Tonight sees clear spells to start, a slight frost in more sheltered spots as it gets down to around 1’C. Cloud thickening after midnight, becoming quite windy and temperatures creeping up once more.

A pretty standard set-up to our weather by Tuesday with high pressure to our south over Europe, low pressure to our west, heading our way.

It will be cloudy all day with bits and pieces of showery rain. It won’t be raining all day, kind of stop start rain, sometimes quite heavy (ish) but often fairly light/moderate. Windy, particularly late afternoon and into early evening, 12’C. The showery bits of rain continue overnight, and it remains quite windy and around 12’C.

Wednesday starts pretty cloudy, but the sun will break through as the morning goes on. Generally a mixture of sunny spells and cloudy spells after, one or two light (ish) showers dotted around, still quite windy and mild, 12’C, maybe 13’C. Clear spells overnight, though cloud thickening towards dawn, down to around 8’C.

Thursday starts cloudy as the next weather front moves across – though little in the way of rain this time, the rain more focused towards north-west UK. So generally cloudy here in the morning, occasional bits of rain but often dry. Some spells of hazy sunshine in the afternoon, though the odd spot of light rain still possible. Still quite windy, still mild, 12’C, maybe 13’C. Cloud thickening overnight, a band of rain crossing giving a couple of hours of rain, briefly heavy perhaps, clear skies before dawn and down to around 6’C.

Friday sees a ridge of high pressure over the UK – interestingly high pressure also building over Scandinavia, which you may recall happened before our notable cold spell in December – though I think now there is far too much energy in the Atlantic for it to be able to extend west. For now, anyway, but one to watch.

So Friday should be a pleasant enough day, sunny to start, high cloud making it hazy from roughly lunchtime onwards. 9’C or so. I say should, as I’m not 100% confident – perhaps the overnight weather front sticks doesn’t clear as quickly as is currently likely. Cloud thickening overnight with some showery rain arriving at some point. Becoming windy, but milder again – 10’C.

Saturday probably sees a band of rain cross west to east, followed by sunny spells and the odd shower – but timing currently uncertain on the rain. 10’C and windy.

Sunday sees low pressure in charge, and cooler air in the mix again. Sunny spells and scattered, blustery showers – possibly heavy. 8’C and windy, particularly gusty in showers.

Monday likewise should remain cool and windy, with a mixture of sunshine and showers – the frequency of which will depend on the position of low pressure.

Likely it remains changeable next week, perhaps something cooler and drier by the weekend, or roughly around mid-month, but not a particularly strong signal.

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